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Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Thoughforms are also called “energoforms” from the Greek “Energeia” (energy) and the Latin “Forma” (shape).

Thoughtforms are entities created with energy and “programmed” for a purpose. When the mind and emotions are focused on a particular subject, then it begins and “materializes” energetically in the aura. With enough power, it can be cut off from the body’s aura field and created as an almost independent entity, whose purpose is to carry out the thought from which it was created. Thoughtforms have a limited lifespan and usually “die” when the purpose is fulfilled.

A properly created thoughtfor is highly effective, but its malevolent or benevolent nature will be determined by its creator. In other words, it can be used for both good and bad purposes. It can protect but it can also destroy.

The thoughtform maintains a link with its creator, like an umbilical cord. It is fed by its life energy or by its natural fluids (which contain life energy) and in order for it to be destroyed, the creator must cease to provide it with the necessary energy it needs.

But when the thoughtform has existed for a long time, it is possible for it to become independent, and even if its creator destroys his connection with it, it may still exist, but seeking vital energy elsewhere. For this reason, there are not a few who argue that incubi & succubi and demon-suckers were initially thoughtforms that later “self-represented” be becoming independent.

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Many also argue that the malevolent deities who demand blood sacrifices may be the creations of Priests or Priestesses, who “programmed” the thoughtforms so that they could feed not only from their own creators, but also from other sources, thus intensifying their power and also the duration of their existence.

Although they are generally easy to destroy, things become especially difficult if a thoughform has been around for a long time. The more it exists, the stronger it becomes and the more independent and self-willed it becomes. That is why it is always recommended to destroy the thoughform as soon as it fulfills its purpose (if it does not destroy itself) and not to “reprogram” it for another purpose. Better to create a new one than to use the existing one.

Thoughtforms are therefore consciously created, but there are also rare cases of ones that were created by mistake. For such a case, the will of the creator should be particularly strong. A typical example is that of mothers, whose will to protect their child is so strong that they may unconsciously create a thoughtform whose sole purpose will be the protection of the child.

Here again, there are many who argue that guardian angels are nothing more than thoughtforms created by the individual’s mother, or if not by the mother herself, by some other person who loves the individual so much that his will to to protect it is so strong, that eventually a thoughtform is created.

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It is also possible that it was created by the person himself, if the strength of their belief that there really is a guardian angel who protects and guides them is strong enough.

So, apart from the deliberate and conscious creations of thoughforms, there are also those that cannot be ruled out to be created unconsciously by our unusually strong will for something.

So as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, because it may come true.

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