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Psychic Ability and the Connection with one’s Self

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Many parts of metaphysical data have come to sit conspicuously amid bookshelves throughout the world in the last two decades. There were no standardized public educational systems accessible prior to this rapid instreaming of meta-information to make the psychic retrieval and sharing process easy or widely understood.

One of the key reasons it’s so difficult to grasp the whole picture of our intangible Universe is because psychic-culled knowledge hadn’t completely developed until lately, making it impossible for academics to construct ‘comprehensible teaching methods’ for its widespread transmission.

In today’s global educational structure, pioneers and researchers must first construct a teaching formula or educational framework in order to educate the masses new concepts in life. Educative structures can’t completely emerge throughout society until they’ve been ‘physically tested,’ because, at the moment, the majority of mankind (with the exception of faith-based believers) only acknowledges our existing reality through ‘physical proof.’

This is a challenge when it comes to transmitting the esoteric and ethereal aspects of existence through education. Intangible study is instantly and without hesitation categorized as “faith studies” because to the dualistic character of human perception. Further metaphysical studies cannot fully integrate into our collective consciousness because of humanity’s unconscious and automatic tendency of ignoring the great significance of its metaphysical past.

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The metaphysical area of study and the psychic data retrieval process demand time, as well as a huge amount of precise attention, to preserve the information perceptually ‘clean and integral.’ If such structures are to finally and successfully stand up as a proposed basis of unified ‘living-reality’ in our civilization, such knowledge must be preserved free of duality skewed, linear human mind. Applying dualistic vision to the equation of ‘the great mystery’ only dilutes multidimensional knowledge and bends it into limited conceptions, keeping mankind enslaved to its current dualistic behaviour.

Humans engage in dualistic activities such as love/hate, giving/stealing, and pushing/pulling, all of which are dualistic interpretations of our world. We feel these notions are the basic foundation for creative existence, and as a result, we continue to express them from inside. These beliefs are then acted out on one another, and as a result, we all play a role in maintaining our world connected to a dualistic reality while, in truth, we are united animals bound by a unified and energetically coherent Universe.

In layman’s words, everyone of us operates first from this unseen energy realm of being. We are all energetically connected to the Universe’s energy, which is a part of ourselves. Many individuals refer to this as God. It is the genesis point of our fundamental psychic detecting talents, whatever we label it or how each of us interprets it. This energy area, which we are all designed of and related to, is where our whole physical existence begins. As a result, psychic experts can now confidently assert that each of us have some amount of psychic ability or sense.

Long-term metaphysical investigation has uncovered a massive mound of psychically recovered data from all around the world that could not have been orchestrated or managed by any one human-created entity. No human-created corporation, superpower, financial institution, or political organization has ever been able to contain the’simultaneous process’ of millions of humanity spontaneously growing and opening up to embrace and utilize their divine psychic inheritance. Psychic gifting is just an inbuilt basket of multi-sensory gifts bestowed upon us as universal residents and co-creating souls.

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Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have some psychic talent. We can’t perceive energy as readily as we can sense it emotionally. We can all sense a negative atmosphere in a room, but we can’t necessarily see it. Our societally approved educational frameworks, on the other hand, have removed instruction on how intuition and psychic sensing, when combined with the use of all five of our senses, produce a complete picture of our daily world. We will continue to produce from a point of only one of five basic sensory instruments we possess as long as we cut off ‘heart sensing,’ for example, and rely solely on visual/brain sensing.

How can neglecting the other four basic senses assist to maintain an ecological, spiritual, and emotional ‘imbalance’ in our physical reality? We only recognize and acknowledge these five senses. What about all of the other sensing technologies we have that aren’t being used? How can we correctly incorporate senses, such as experiencing premonitions, déjà vu, and thinking with our friends and family members, into societally acceptable activity?

Psychic intuits and researchers used to spend the majority of their time just sifting, gathering, and deciphering the information they got. Because it was not a publically accepted practice at the time, this method was kept hidden. Individuals who followed their spiritual desire to seek more than what they’d been taught about life meticulously culled it.

The world does not evolve without human and animal pioneers. There were no big incentives in the old days for undertaking this kind of labor. In comparison to the ‘celebrity reality,’ where most humans who have done nothing significant for humanity have been granted more than ample monies or instant recognition via a reality TV show of late, we don’t see too many authentic psychic researchers gifted with large monetary rewards throughout our history.

Why don’t we give the’same space and time’ for a comparable scientific method to be applied to the field of metaphysics and psychic study, as it takes years for our general world scientists and pharmacologists in their corporate labs to uncover tiny solutions for our diseases? The solution is straightforward.

The collective human consciousness has yet to completely recognize the role of becoming co-creative life stewards for the Earth and its animals. Humanity, for the most part, is still in its infancy. It wants what it wants when it wants it, and billions of individuated human ‘beings’ reflect this hungry behavior, which has nothing to do with united awareness or advanced spiritual activity.

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Those billions of beings, functioning in unison in dualistic and linear ways, hold the planet in a state of stagnation and non-development. The awareness of the world and its animal species, as well as a few million pioneering human souls who stay constantly ‘aware’ of their connectivity to all that exists, are then permitted to grow and expand. Meanwhile, billions of human newborns play in a perceptual sandbox with high walls that prohibit them from seeing or experiencing anything beyond what is directly in front of them.

In the sea of human mind, where do you each register? Do you think about social concerns, humanitarian efforts, or supporting the plant and animal kingdoms when you get up, or do you think about bills, getting the kids off to school, and finishing ‘the job’ for the week so you can spend your money on the weekend? What has been the emphasis of each of your internal thoughts? How can your internal ideas keep you stuck in a restricted human sandbox reality, rather than actual, full life co-creation with the Earth and its many fully aware creatures?

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re a pioneer at heart, or at the very least looking for a more fulfilling life experience than what you’ve been taught by other people. Most likely, you are a mission soul who has decided to aid mankind in its spiritual evolution.

Millions of awakened souls are now and inwardly attempting to ‘activate’ this psychic intuitive information inside them at this moment in human history. The trend of people flocking to yoga and contemplative retreats is part of a larger trend of people wanting to grow and take on new responsibilities. Many of these spirits are beginning to understand the concept of co-creatorship. As a result, these spirits are beginning to act in more cohesive ways. They are charting a new educational path for the people to follow in the future.

It is up to each person to delve within, extract the unique wisdom they possess, and bring it out into the world to share with others. It’s difficult to break through in a culture that values quick notoriety over demonstrated humanitarian leadership or educational value, and values financial gain above essential service to others. Pioneers will notice a shift over time, and broad sensitivity to psychic reality and co-creator responsibility will eventually become the norm. Until that time comes, pioneers must toe the line without much acclaim or applause. But then, that’s exactly what they thought they’d have to do!

Each of us has the choice in this world to either consciously act in a unified manner, or unconsciously carry out previous dualistic minded conditioning that reflects not just the light of life, but also portions of our darker sides. Each of us is being compelled to go within and reflect on all of our interactions with people throughout our lives. Many people are starting to look into their behavioral patterns and energy or emotional drives that seem difficult to control. What is the source of these ostensibly detrimental behaviours? How can we, as custodians of the Universe’s energy, balance destructive forces with positive energies such that our everyday lives reflect a balanced stroll between the two? This is the psychics’, pioneers’, and freshly awakened’s actual leadership task. What role does your soul play in all of this?

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There are multiple vibratory levels of ‘awareness’ and ‘non-awareness’ operating within mass human consciousness. Our physical reality is confined to a non-harmonious experience due to the multiple interacting levels of dualistic & energetic holding patterns that are intensively explored at this moment. Human evolution is a long and winding road. Each soul is in charge of its own thoughts, words, and deeds, and each one has a direct energetic co-creative influence on the physical manifestation of our ‘living reality.’ Every human being on the planet Earth at this moment possesses psychic abilities. It’s a natural part of our energy interconnectedness and personhood. It belongs to all of us and is a part of us.

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