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The Aura

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

All bodies, inanimate and animate, are surrounded by an energy field. The aura is the energy field that surrounds our body and all living beings. It extends to about 60 cm with a meter around the body, like a bright cocoon that surrounds it, and it is divided into 7 levels:

The Aetheric Aura:

It extends to about 5cm from the body, looks like a shadow and is usually blue. The shade of blue depends on the health and condition of the body. For example, athletes usually have a clear, strong blue in their aethereal aura, a sign of good health and body condition. The aetheric aura is also directly affected by physical pain or pleasure. When we are in pain at some part of the body, then this point will appear in the aetheric aura with a “sick” blue-gray colour.

The Emotional Aura:

It extends to about 10cm from the body, it appears as a cloud with different colours which are directly affected by emotions. Positive and intense emotions create vivid colours, while negative emotions create dull and dark colours. If the negative emotions continue permanently or for a long time, then sooner or later they will affect and create problems in the aetheric and spiritual aura.

The Spiritual Aura:

It extends to about 15cm from the body, it is usually a bright yellow radiant “light” and it is related to our thoughts and logic. The more energetic our mind is, the brighter the yellow. Usually, the brightest yellow is seen in students who are preparing for exams.

The Astral Aura:

It extends to about 30cm from the body, appears as a bright rainbow and it is the link of the material world with the astral. Its coloors do not change.

The Supportive Aetheric Aura:

It extends to about 40cm from the body, appears as a blue “hole” and supports the etheric aura. It is the field that “holds” the etheric aura bound to the physical body.

The Celestial Aura:

It extends to about 45cm from the body, it appears as a flickering ray of pastel colours and is our connection to the astral world, the spirit world, our spirit-protector, our guardian angel, our higher guide.

The Ketheric Aura:

It extends to about 60cm from the body, appears as a very bright golden light that pulsates and it is our protection, the field that protects everything it encloses and it is what we strengthen when we want to “seal” our aura or when we learn how to extend it even further in order to protect a space or to “share” it with people we want to protect. It is what we call, in other words, “our shield” and what makes us recognizable by other initiates in the art of Magic.

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How to See the Aura:

Anyone can see the aura of themselves and of others. All you need is practice. Others can see it in a few weeks and others in a few months, but everyone can get this ability.

When we begin to practice in order to see it, we see that at first we can easily see only the aetheric aura. Gradually, however, with practice, the other fields start to appear. The further we go through the external fields, the more perseverance and patience is needed.

A simple method of practice is the following:

In a room, turn off all the lights and leave only a soft light. Candlelight is not suitable because it flickers and tires the eyes. The best is a small lampshade with a 40 lumens lamp. Stand in front of the light with your back to it. Place a mirror in front of you, preferably a full body one.

Now relax and just “gaze” in your image. Do not push, it is not necessary to keep your eyelids open and it usually helps to have them half open. Slowly, you will see a light surrounding you. Initially it will be blue in colour, it will look and move like smoke and it will appear no more than 4-5cm around you… this is your aetheric aura.

How to Feel the Aura:

You will need a friend to help you. Ask them to stand up and stand still. Stand opposite them, about 2 meters, and spread your arms forward with your palms relaxed and open as if you want to push them. Relax and start moving slowly towards them. At some point you will feel a slight pressure on your palms. It is the point where you begin to enter their aura.

Another way is to hold your right index finger over your left palm at about 2cm away, slowly begin to form small circles with your index finger, without touching your palm. You will feel a slight pressure on the index finger and / or a slight tickling on the palm.

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The Colours of the Emotional Aura:

The colours of the emotional aura change from time to time depending on our emotions. But they differ from observer to observer, because their insight is directly affected by the emotions created by the different colours! For example, suppose we have a man who feels very happy and 2 observers. For one observer, joy is symbolised by pure pink while for the other by pure orange. Thus, one observer will see the emotional aura of this man in pure pink while the other in pure orange! But the interpretation remains the same: this man is happy.

So, you should not rely on the interpretations given to the colours of the aura but you should create your own list of colours, considering what emotion each colour evokes. Do not rush to create it and if a colour is difficult for you, paint a large piece of paper with this colour and bring it in front of you. Observe it for a long time and note what feelings it caused you. It may bring to mind some memories or images… look at these memories / images: how/what do they make you feel? So, you van now have the feeling associated with this colour for you.

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