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Visualisation Exercises

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

The key for all mental, psychic, and magical works, is the ability of a vivid, strong, and playful visualisation. Every single one of us can perform visualisation, but the key is to manage and empower this natural human ability. Visualisation can be used for a plethora of magical practices, so this is a concise list of walks where visualisation is a must have ability.

  1. Research, find, and communicate with one’s higher self.

  2. Get in contact and receive guidance from a guardian spirit.

  3. Finding an object you loss and tracing back your past actions.

  4. Recall dreams and past memories.

  5. The ability to intervene in a dream while it’s happening.

  6. Energy healing.

  7. Astral travel.

  8. Astral projection.

  9. Meditation.

  10. Past life regression.

  11. Empowering enchantments, spells, and rituals.

  12. Setting clear targets.

  13. Creating and empowering energy shields.

  14. Auric protection.

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Basic Exercises:

To begin practising it is always good to find a comfortable place and make sure that there will be no distractions. Turn off the phone and electronic devices, and if you live in a busy household make sure to tell others not to interrupt you.

Sit on an armchair with your back straight up, your legs touching firmly on the ground, and relax your arms on the support provided by the armchair. Close your eyes and visualise a specific object, one at a time to begin with, and later on you can proceed to more complex compositions.

Perform this exercise again and again, each time visualising a different object.

This is it list with simple things to start practising:

  1. A flower

  2. A pencil

  3. Your favourite food

  4. Your favourite desert

  5. A book

  6. Your bedroom

  7. Your old classroom

  8. The theatre/cinema

  9. The light breeze on your face

  10. The feeling of the rain on your skin

  11. The face of a beloved person

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These are simply some examples to start with. The goal is to visualise all of these so well, to the point that your brain is tricked to really believe that these exist physically in the same space as you are. You must be able to sense them with all of your senses. For example when you fully visualise the cinema, you should be able to see the room, feel the soft velvet of the chair, see the movie playing, listen to people eating snacks, smell the distinctive smell of a cinema room, and even smell and taste the buttered popcorn.

To achieve these, you need to practice daily, in its day try to visualise something different. Keep note of your experiences in progress, go back to previous visualisations and try to visualise things again, and see how everything becomes better and better in time.

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