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Defence Against Psychic Attacks

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Psychic attacks can come from various sources, be it human, spirit, or other entity, but as a rule of thumb they usually come from other humans. The attacker can use thoughtforms, call on spirits and entities, or more commonly, attack via the astral plane by the use of different techniques such as astral travel, astral projection, and so on. No attack can take place though if the attacker cannot penetrate the aura of the victim. This can happen if there is an emotional connection between them, or even if the victim pays to much attention to the attack or the attacker. The more the victim concentrates their thought and the attacker, the more vulnerable they are, and the easier for the attacker to achieve the goal.

The most usual symptoms of psychic attack the following:

  1. Usually it starts with nightmares about violence or phobias of the victim

  2. Then, because of that, there comes the fear of falling asleep

  3. Sensation of physical pressure and/or weight on the chest

  4. Dysphoria, worry, anxiety. Usually, the people who are sensitive, feel that becoming more intense when they are close to the attacker

  5. Feeling constantly tired without being able to tell why

  6. Smelling bad even after having a shower

  7. Constant feeling of cold sweat

  8. Hearing sharp sounds that seem like bells, and sometimes they become as sharp that the victim jumps off their seat

  9. Unexplainable phenomena that happened around the area of the victim and the constant filling that someone is always watching

It is important to note that only one of the symptoms is not a sign of a psychic attack. Someone should experience all of them or at least most of them in order to come to the conclusion that there is in fact a psychic attack taking place. Single symptoms could be anything, from health problems to psychological issues, so it would be advised that for these symptoms one should visit a doctor or a psychologist.

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If the symptoms are enough to assume that the victim suffers from a psychic attack, then they can do the following:

  1. The best reaction against psychic attack, is to do nothing! Usually, the attacker needs the victim to be mentally concentrated on the attack or on them in order to establish a psychic bond between them in order for the attack to be effective. By completely ignoring it, it becomes extremely hard or even impossible for the attacker to penetrate the order and achieve a successful psychic attack.

  2. Perform a cleansing and banishing ritual, either by yourself, or by a priest/practitioner of the religion/path you follow.

  3. If you know the attacker is, sever all relationships between you. Don’t see them again, don’t talk to them again, don’t think of them again.

  4. It is important to maintain your usual balanced diet without any distractions as to the amount or frequency of the meals. Even if the attack makes you not wanting to eat, try to force yourself to do so in order not to disrupt the balance of your physical body.

  5. Exercise without overdoing it. Even a simple walk is a good enough exercise to strengthen both your body and spirit.

  6. Be exposed to sunlight as amount as possible. The frequencies found in the radiation of sunlight have healing properties and help empower ones aura which makes it strong against psychic attacks.

  7. If you’re a practising whitch or a practitioner of any magical craft, stop practising for a while and only focus on the techniques that shield your aura and protect you and the environment around you. The less you practice magick during a psychic attack, the better.

  8. Running water helps wash energies away and it is a good way to make the attacker lose track of you. You can cross a small river, shower under a waterfall, or even perform a ritual bath with saltwater.

  9. Have fun! Joy and laughter are banishing and they also strengthen the aura. A happy joyous person is the most difficult target for an attacker.

  10. If you’re experienced in astral travel, then you can perform a travel in order to sever the connection between you and the attacker. If you are not absolutely comfortable and experienced with this then avoid doing it as it would make things much worse

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