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Exercises for the Third Eye

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

The Third Eye, is essentially an “blind” point on our forehead, and according to both spiritual and medical professionals it is suggested that it is “connected” with the pineal gland as it forms a perfect triangle with its projection point which is slightly higher of the centre between the two eyes.

Since time immemorial, Mystics from every tradition associated the Third Eye with intuition, vision of the outer world, and psychic abilities.

The Third Eye is autonomous, and for it to be controlled and use that wheel it needs a lot of practice and training. It is not extremely hard, good results are actually quite achievable, it just needs a lot of attention and determination for it to happen. Of course, for this to take effect, one must be able to relax, meditate, have feeling in control of their body, and have achieved a high level of visualisation.

Exercise 1:

To begin with, let’s start with a very simple exercise which will let us sense the Third Eye.

Six somewhat comfortable and quiet, and with the dim light is not to tire or strain the eyes. Close your eyes and relax. Take some deep breaths to the can help you with relaxation. Now try to sense your third eye. It is somewhere around the middle of your forehead, for some it is high up on the forehead and for others is closer to the bridge of the nose, while some have it exactly in the centre of the forehead. It really differs for each individual. If you manage to concentrate properly, you will feel either very slight itch, light pressure, some heat, a slight cold breeze, or another unusual sensation somewhere on your forehead. The sensation differs from person to person and you can only find yours when you really try about it. When you feel this “different” feeling, congratulations; he just located a spot of your third eye and you can start practising on how to open and close it at will!

Exercise 2:

Close your eyes and visualise your Third Eye. Visualise the eye opening but do not hold in this image for a long time, the only seed opening then visualise it closing.

A good indication that the Third Eye is actually open is to try and touch it physically with your finger. Slightly tap your finger over the area of your Third Eye, in the same way that you would touch your physical eyes. If you feel sensitive or inherent slightly than this means that your Third Eye is actually open, active.

Now give practising the visualisation of opening and closing the Third Eye and in between do the touching experiment so you can detect where there is open or closed.

Try this for quite a while, and will you manage to do it without spending a lot of time or feeling tired repeat the process, but this time with your physical eyes open. In order to move to the following exercise make sure that you have full control of this step first.

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Exercise 3:

This next step is slightly more difficult and it could be a little bit scary. Remember though that anything you might see or feel are simply your own “things” that were locked in your subconscious mind and they just found a way out.

Again, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Open your Third Eye, and this time concentrate on its centre. Relax and let it open up, let it free and release anything it holds inside. Try not to allow your logic to intervene. When this starts to happen successfully, a plethora of things will come out; shapes, colours, images, but most importantly; emotions. Very intense emotions.

Do not allow the sensation to go on for long, and when you start feeling that you’re overwhelmed by the emotions immediately close your Third Eye and do not attempt the same technique for the rest of the day.

You can repeat the same process for as many days as you would like, just not more than once per day. During this practice period, do not use your Third Eye for any other reason other than the exercise, so only use it once a day and then let it rest. You will know that this exercise is done in this step is complete when you reach the point that you open the third eye without anything coming out.

The purpose of this exercise is dual:

  1. To empty your psychic and psychological reserves, in order to have an open and clean mental space.

  2. To fully activate your Third Eye.

Exercise 4:

Now you’re ready to receive information outside of the physical world. Start with a simple exercise to begin with, and do so with the help of a friend.

As from this person to enter a completely dark room and do the hide understand somewhere, anywhere they wish, without them moving or making any noise. Then, enter your room yourself, close the door behind you and stand at a single point without wandering around. While you have your physical eyes closed open your Third Eye and try to locate this person through during your vision.

When you manage to achieve that many times, then start spending more time on it, and after you have located the person tried to make out the pose they have. Try to see them standing or crouching or if they have their arms extended and so on.

Sensing inanimate objects it’s harder than living beings, she can also practice entering rooms were the things have been moved and try to navigate, or have someone quietly moving around and try to make the path in your mind (it helps to wear earplugs), or do a mix-and-match of all of the above.

Once this is all done you can start creating your own exercises, try to experiment with other people, animals, objects, someone else’s house, Zener cards, and more.

The more you practice, the more things will be able to recognise. Do not forget to clear out your Third Eye frequently with the release method.


sometimes you might feel a slight tingle when you’re Third Eye is closed. When you feel that, open your Third Eye immediately and look around. This sensation is an indication that something is probably going on, so open your Third Eye and try to understand what might have caused this signal.


You can also use various aids such as oils, instances, herbal blends etc. to help you relax and give your practice an extra boost.

Third Eye herbal Spell Mix:

Third Eye Incense:

Third Eye Oil:

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