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Breathing 101 – Part 2 - Natural Intentional Tree Breathing Technique

Sit somewhere comfortable, either in a chair with a straight back, feet firmly on the ground and in an even position and hands relaxed on the arms of the chair, or lie somewhere on your back with your body straight and only a small pillow under your neck . Think for a moment about the feeling you want to get rid of (anxiety, phobia, nervousness, etc.).

Close your eyes and visualize yourself as a big, strong tree with lush foliage. Its roots are strong and extend deep into the earth. But in addition to its green leaves, see also some dry or yellow ones. These cards represent what you want to get rid of. Inhale deeply and slowly through the nose, until you feel your lungs and the entire stomach area filling with air. With each inhalation, visualize the tree growing stronger and being nourished by the energy of the Earth.

Hold the air in for a while and exhale slowly and steadily through the mouth. With each exhalation, visualize the wind picking up some of the dry and yellow leaves of the tree and carrying them away. Repeat at least 10 times, until you feel that "the tree" has gotten rid of all its "dry and yellow leaves".

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