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Breathing 101 – Part 1

There are many breathing exercises, each for a different purpose. It is very important to know how to breathe correctly in order to meditate, but the benefits of intentional breathing do not stop there.

Intentional breathing is also recommended by psychologists, as a treatment aid against anxiety, phobias, depression, nervousness, headaches, fatigue, etc. They are also recommended by cardiologists to strengthen the circulation and heart muscle, by sports coaches to strengthen the lungs and in general their users are innumerable.

Their technique is very simple and anyone can learn it in a very short time. But the more it is practiced, the more spectacular the results will be and the healthier the body will be. For the Art of Magic, purposeful breaths are used for daily meditation as well as to prepare for any task.

They improve our mood, relax and strengthen our aura, strength and energy shield. If you decide to practice intentional breathing, I would recommend starting with the Basic Intentional Breathing Technique.

Basic Instructions

There are a few rules that apply to all intentional breathing exercises. These are the following:

- Always make sure to choose a spot where no one will disturb you. It's also good not to be bothered by noises in general.

- Certainly the ideal place for the exercises is somewhere close to nature where the air is clean.

- Sit somewhere comfortable, either in a chair with a straight back, feet well on the ground and in an equal position and hands relaxed on the arms of the chair, or lie somewhere on your back with a straight body and only a small pillow under the neck. When you are first starting out with intentional breathing exercises, it is best to prefer a chair, as it is not unlikely that you will relax so much that you fall asleep. Don't slouch because it prevents you from breathing deeply.

- Many prefer to put on some light music while they do their exercises. Classical music or any relaxing music without vocals, at a low volume, is ideal. Also, many use aromatic incense sticks, with subtle and relaxing aromas. Just be careful that the smoke is not too much and annoying!

Basic Intentional Breathing Technique

Sit somewhere comfortable, either in a chair with a straight back, feet firmly on the ground and in an even position and hands relaxed on the arms of the chair, or lie somewhere on your back with your body straight and only a small pillow under your neck . Close your eyes and inhale deeply through the nose, slowly counting 1-2-3-4…

If you want you can go up to 6 or 7 as long as you feel comfortable with it. The purpose is to feel your lungs and entire stomach area filling with air. Hold the air in for a while, but not so much that you feel discomfort. Exhale slowly with the same rhythm (1-2-3-4...) through the mouth until all the air is out.

With each inhalation, visualize that you are breathing in positive, golden energy, which represents peace, calmness, relaxation, healing power, and any other positive power you need. With each exhalation, visualize expelling all negative energies in the form of black smoke. Feel the fear, hatred, nervousness, anxiety and anything else you need to get rid of leave you.

10 such breaths at a time and daily practice is ideal. Each day, increase the endurance of the inhalation a little, but never to the point where you feel intense discomfort.

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