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Psychic Abilities

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Everybody more or less knows about the Psychic Abilities that some humans have. But for most people it is not really clear which of these abilities are actually inside the spectrum of “Psychic Powers”.

The most common among the Psychic Abilities are Intuition, Therapeutic Intuition, Developed Olfaction, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Telepathy, and Telekinesis. But let’s start analysing a bit one by one in simple terms.


It is the Psychic Ability to sense the Astral World. To sense the presence of astral beings and spirits through space and time, recognise messages, situations and “weird stuff” that happens around. From having this “feeling” about future events or having your “gut” telling you that something is either right or wrong. This is usually the first ability that a psychic person develops naturally.

Therapeutic Intuition:

It is the Psychic Ability that allows someone to be able to sense possible dis-functions in someone’s body (human or animal, some times even plants) such as sickness, tumours, vital organs which are about to fail, energy clogs. and even diseases that are not developed yet. This process mostly happens in the hidden ability of that person to read the Aura.

Developed Olfaction:

This is a very common Psychic Ability that makes someone sense the presence of spirits and entities around by smell! It s not well known why this happens and why the energy fields of an entity, being, or spirit can cause it. Smells vary from sweet to bitter, even familiar smells that we remember some times if a friendly spirit from someone who passed away wants to get in contact.

Some times, the sense of smell gets mixed up and triggers the taste buds. When this happens, the most common taste that occurs, is the taste of earth, of wet soil in the mouth.

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Clairvoyance, otherwise known as Insight, is the ability that comes when a psychic person has open the Third Eye. When someone has the Third Eye open, then he can be a Clairvoyant. This person can see symbols, messages, names, images, visions, spirits and much, much more.

Careful though, many people claim or even believe they are Clairvoyants just because some inexplicable things happened to them. There are ways to open the Third Eye and ways to test it, which will be explained in future articles.


It is someone’s ability to “read” vibrations. Vibrations of an object, of someone’s aura, of animate or inanimate things. This reading allows that person to recognise immediately if something is dead or alive, if it is a something or a someone, who or what they are etc. The most advanced “powers” that come with this ability is to tell the story, the past of someone or something, and even foresee the future of living things.

There are currently numerous Psychics with the ability of the Psychometry who work for governments or as private investigators.


Is the Psychic Ability to hear someone’s thoughts. A person with developed telepathy can hear or see someone’s thoughts, in some cases even in real time to hear what the other person hears or sees what the other person sees, smells, tastes, feels etc. Telepathy also allows this person to receive messages from the Astral Plane, the Otherworld, to communicate with spirits and even open the third eye to see things that happen in the past, present, or future in different places of the cosmos.

This of course works both ways, this ability can be used not only to receive but to also project those messages.

Telepathy knows no distance, does not matter how far or close someone is or what obstacles exist between the two. There was an experiment that took place by taking two identical twins born with very developed Telepathy. They took one in a nuclear underground base in Russia and the other in another similar base in South America. And they still managed to communicate with each other from places that not even the strongest satellite could send or receive a signal.


Finally, the most known but not common Psychic Power, Telekinesis. It is someone’s ability to move, transform, and affect animate or inanimate objects, using only their brain power and “own” energy.

Thermokinesis (the ability to manipulate heat), Cryokinesis (the ability to change the temperature), Pyrokinesis (the ability to move or even create fire), Geokinesis (the ability to create vibrations on the ground), Hydrokinesis (the ability to create changes in liquids and mostly on the weather) and many more, are all parts of the Telekinetic Ability.

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