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Astral Travel

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

First of all we have to understand that our body is nothing more but a “vessel” that hosts our quote spirit”, or whatever one wants to call the “energy” that contains our consciousness and moves our bodies. Matter wears off and dies because of the wear and tear caused by the energy moves it. Energy on the other hand, never truly “dies”, it can only get “transformed”.

The Astral Travel is when the astral body (or soul) is freed from the physical body temporarily and can travel freely in the form of pure energy. Every time during sleep in that our brain reaches the state of REM, the astral body has a chance to free itself and travel, and this can happen to every single one of us, we are simply not able to remember it once we wake up. Some can remember something that seems to be a vague blurred dream, while some others cannot remember anything at all.

The astral body is connected to the physical body with some sort of umbilical cord that many call “Silver String”. This string is not limited by length as it is not made of matter, thus the astral body’s travel range is not limited by physical distance. This string is what keeps physical body a life, and when it is severed, the soul is freed for good and the physical body dies.

During Astral Travel, the Silver String is what transfers the astral body’s experiences and feedback to the physical body and vice versa. When for some reason either the astral or physical body senses danger or fear the string retracts and the astral body is pulled back into the physical one. The feeling of this is similar to the feeling one has when their blood pressure is low while sleeping in their dream that they are falling, with the difference that feels more intense, more like “jumping” rather than falling, and the heartbeats are usually raised quite high. During this situation, one also wakes up with a feeling of “flight or fight” and the sensation one gets when they have been in the presence of physical danger.

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Picture this:

You are in your room asleep, and for some reason while dreaming your sensing danger. Perhaps something is wrong or something scared you, you felt threatened or something really sudden happened. You jump up straight on the bed clutching on the covers or the pillows, you can fill your heart beating fast and intensely, to the point that it might even cause you some physical discomfort or pain. Your body doesn’t seem to be able to move fully yet and you might feel as if you’re between two realms, not knowing which one is real and which one is not. In this case, there is a chance that this happened because of what was mentioned above. The astral body, probably because you sensed danger, got retracted quickly and violently back to the physical body instead of slowly and gently as it should, which caused both to enter a state of “shock”.

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Astral Projection

The Astral Projection, is a technique which can be used in order for one to willingly and consciously perform an Astral Travel, while able to control the destination, direction, and nature of the journey, without it happening spontaneously.

When reading books about Astral Projection, we can see that there is a plethora of different guidelines and suggestions on how it is best performed. This is because each and everyone of us as an individual with individual needs and individual triggers. This means that what might work for one might not work for another, thus, there is a huge range of different techniques that can be used for one to achieve Astral Projection. There are some “universal” truths though, and these are the following:

  1. First of all we need to accept that Astral Projection is not something that can happen in the first or second go. It requires maximum patients and perseverance and it is something that needs a lot of practice and it’s not uncommon to take even years until someone manages to do the first conscious Astral Projection.

  2. One of the principal requirements, is an extended knowledge of meditation, self-discipline, and concentration, as well as the ability to fully relax the physical body.

  3. When we are stressed about results where pushing ourselves towards them, the more we actually pose ourselves away from a goal, both physically and mentally.

  4. Do not have fear of failure. This only increases self-doubt and it becomes a sure way to block one’s mental abilities.

  5. A good start when it comes to physical techniques, is always to start by practising breathing exercises, at least for the beginning of it.

  6. When we manage to achieve the absolute spiritual and physical relaxation, we should forget about the existence of matter. After all, everything around us is just pure transformed, and condensed energy. A mental technique that is helpful to most, is to visualise yourself as pure light trapped within a bubble, filling at your passing through the membrane of the bubble and setting yourself free.

  7. Speaking of techniques, always adapt the techniques you find to suit your preferences.

  8. There can be many obstacles while trying to practice, the most common of which, is falling asleep. This is completely natural, especially for people who live a busy city lifestyle and they are not used to mental and physical relaxation, as these are subconsciously associated with bedtime.

  9. In some of the advice you will find you will see suggestions about positions, temperature, clothing, incenses etc. most of them are quite good suggestions and you should consider trying some of them out until you see what works best for you.

When the Astral Travel is finally achieved, perhaps this is the first time that one might face the problem of coming back. The most effective technique, is to simply but strongly think about the physical body. Just focus on this thought, and only thing about the physical body.

A good fail-safe, is to always have an assistant. This means having someone you trust, someone that you can inform about your Astral Travel, and someone that you can arrange to come and wake you up a few hours after you start practising. It is important to note that you should instruct them to wake you slowly and peacefully, with a soft touch, a calm voice, and avoid any rough handling, shouting, or shaking.

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