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The Goblins Market

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Once upon a time, two loving sisters, lived in a house next to a river stream. The sisters used to listen to the goblins arriving from the depths of the earth, every time they washed their clothes in the crystal clear waters of the river stream. The goblins were coming towards the market area, carrying crates full of delicious fruits. The sisters were used to close their ears every time the goblins arrived as they knew that if someone ate their fruits they would die during the winter-time. However, one night, the younger sister stayed in the river stream until late. All of a sudden, she heard the goblins approaching. They were loaded with their crates. Hungry as she was, she run towards their side and asked for a fruit. Unfortunately, she did not have any money on her, therefore she offered them a curl of her hair and a gem, which was more valuable than a pearl. The goblins gave her the fruit that she wanted and she ate it. Upon her arrival back to the house, her older sister argued a lot with her, but unfortunately the younger sister had already eaten the forbidden fruit.

During the next night, the older sister heard the goblins approaching towards their side. The younger sister noticed that she could no longer see the goblins with their crates full of the delicious fruits. They had become invisible. Soon, her desire to eat another fruit was so big that everything else lost their meaning. She kew she would soon die. The older sister, understood that she had to risk everything to save her sister’s life. She grabbed a silver pen from their house and went to find the goblins. The goblins noticed that the new girl wanted to pay for her fruit and they attacked her. They tried to convince her to eat the fruit without paying any money – only then she would be one of their own. During the fight, the young girl smeared the flesh of the fruits onto her skin. She escaped and run towards the house. She forced her sister to eat the fruit that was on her skin. The two sisters went through a unbearable pains for the next three days and nights, but during the forth day the pains went away and they realized that they had survived! They hugged and left the house and their town forever. If, for any reason, you pass by the river stream during a night with no moon and you smell fruit’s flesh, keep in mind this story!

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