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Haunted Houses

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

A few years ago, a series of houses were deserted in our village (deceivers of the municipality of Avia in Itylos). These houses were close to each other and located on the side of the road. All the families who lived there were excommunicated, one after the other. In the first house, the women heard a pig scream over night. The sound was coming from afar. At first, they thought it was the neighbor’s pig and they did not give great importance. As the noise continued, they went downstairs to see what was happening but they found nothing. When they returned to the room upstairs, they found the baby of the house with a crooked mouth and beaten. Unfortunately, the kid remained in that state throughout all of its life! At the next house there was a tailor. One night he was sitting cross-legged. At some point he tried to stood up but he could not. He remained crippled through the rest of his life. A few houses down, it is said that there was a settlement which was deserted and was conceived as haunted. A widow moved to that house without knowing its condition. One night she got up as she was starving. Suddenly she saw a woman coming towards her. The woman said: “make something quick as I am also hungry”. The widow was a smart woman and quickly realized that the woman who appeared all of a sudden was in fact an elf – she replied that she would be quick but she had to bring some wood to light up fire first. She left the house and disappeared. The elf realized her intelligence and disappeared as well!

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