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URBAN LEGENDS: The strange woman in the subway

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Death is the favourite part of urban legends. If a story does not include ghosts, it will certainly include a dead body. There is an urban legend which famous in multiple areas of Europe and the USA since 1933. It is said, that a girl boarded on the last wagon of the subway to return to her home after a long day at work. The wagon was almost empty except three people, a woman who was sitting in between two men. The girl walked towards them and sat on the seat across them. She quickly noticed that the woman was starring at her, with a strange and bizarre look but the girl did not give importance to the incident as she tried to read her book. The bizarre feeling did not go away! A man entered the wagon at the next stop and sat right next to the girl. A few moments later he whispered to her ear “Please get out of the wagon with me when the train stops. Your life may be in danger!” The girl was shocked! She followed the man and got out of the subway as she was creeped out by the piercing look of the woman. When they reached the platform the man informed her that he was a doctor and he realized that the woman who was sitting in between the men was dead and they were supporting her! There is one version of the story, in which the girl stood up and slapped the woman, just to realize that the force of her slap made the woman’s head fall off the ground! There are tons of witnesses around the world who have told the same story.

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