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Sampson and Delilah

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

In the Hebrew bible, Manoah had a son, Samson, who grew to be tall and very strong. His immense strength aided him against his enemies and allowed him to perform superhuman feats. When he was a young adult he fell in love with a Philistine woman, whom he decided to marry, ignoring the objections of his parents over the fact that she did not belong to the Israeli people. After a series of events, Samson divorced with his wife, and she, in turn, married one of Samson’s former groomsmen. When Samson asked to see his former wife, her father sent him away. Due to his anger, he set fire to Philistine’s crops and when they discovered why Samson burned their fields they decided to burn his ex-wife along with her father. In revenge, Samson slaughtered many Philistines for their actions and they in return tried to imprison him but that was an impossible act as he was very strong. Following, Samson traveled to Gaza to visit a harlot house, where he met Delilah. His enemies were waiting at the gates of the city to ambush him but he escaped once more. He fell in love with Delilah in the valley of Sorek. The Philistines realized that he had feelings for her and they approached Delilah offering 1100 silver coins if she found the secret to Samson’s strength and tell them so that they can finally capture him. Delilah accepted the offer and Samson later on, revealed his secret. He told her that if a razor touched his head he would lose all of his strength. Delilah then informed the Philistines and they, in turn, cut his hair while he was sleeping. Samson lost all of his power and strength…

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