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Useful Correspondences for Magick and Witchcraft

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

This is a concisely used of useful correspondences regarding colours, days, celestial bodies, Zodiac signs, animals, plans, deities, and qualities, that are usually used in magic and witchcraft. Correspondences are an excellent way for one to create their own custom spells and rituals by combining the different elements and customise their own magical practice.

The list of correspondences will be given in blocks, each block has things that correspond with each other, they are relevant to each other, and they belong to the same group of qualities.


Colour (main): – White or Silver

Colour (related): – Pearl, Light Grey, Iridescent White

Gender: – Female

Day: – Monday

Celestial Body: – Moon

Zodiac Sign: – Cancer

Plant: – Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Sandalwood

Tree: – White Willow

Deities: – Moon, Artemis, Diana, Hera, Estia, Archangel Gabriel

Qualities: – Protection, Purification, Healing, Balance, Defence, Peace, Spirituality, Fertility, Female mysticism, Family, Instinct, Motherhood, The feminine side of men


Colour (main): – Black

Colour (related): – All very dark versions of every colour

Gender: – Male & Female

Day: – Saturday

Celestial Body: – Saturn

Zodiac Sign: – Capricorn

Plant: – Patchouli, Black orchid, Black tulip, Pansy

Tree: – Ebony

Deities: – Hekate, Hades, Saturn, , Archangel Cassiel

Qualities: – Banishing, Exorcism, Binding, Secrets, Protection, Underworld, Cromarty, Death, Psychic Defence, Meditation

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Colour (main): – Blue

Gender: – Male

Day: – Thursday (Royal blue), Friday (light blue), Saturday (dark blue)

Celestial Body: – Jupiter (on Thursday), Venus (on Friday), Saturn (on Saturday)

Zodiac Sign: – Aquarius, Pisces

Plant: – Nutmeg, Sandalwood

Tree: – Oak

Deities: – Zeus, Athena, Archangel Sahiel (on Thursday), Hekate, Aphrodite (on Friday), Hekate, Saturn, Hades (on Saturday)

Qualities: – (for Royal blue) Protection, Wisdom, Truth, Faith, Lack, Development, Generosity, (for light blue) Peace, Patients, Health, Emotions, Partnership, Social relationships, (for dark blue) Spirituality, Dreams, Magic, Astral works, Deep emotions


Colour (main): – Purple or Violet

Gender: – Male

Day: – Thursday

Celestial Body: – Zeus

Zodiac Sign: – Sagittarius

Plant: – Violet, Tulip, Lavender

Deities: – Zeus, Athena, Pan

Qualities: – Empowering of psychic abilities, Mental abilities, Spirituality, Wisdom, The masculine side of women, Divination


Colour (main): – Yellow

Gender: – Male

Day: – Wednesday

Celestial Body: – Hermes

Zodiac Sign: – Virgo

Plant: – Cedar, Frankincense, Clove, Chamomile, Marigold

Tree: – Walnut

Deities: – Hermes, Athena

Qualities: – Clarity, Communication, Knowledge, Concentration, Healing, Studying, Memory, Divination, Youth, Travel


Colour (main): – Brown

Gender: – Female

Day: – Monday & Friday

Celestial Body: – Venus & Moon

Zodiac Sign: – Libra

Plant: – Orchid, Sandalwood, Wormwood, Mugwort

Tree: – Chesnutt

Deities: – Gaia, Aphrodite, Pan

Qualities: – Stability, Professional success, Protection, Grounding, Healing

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Colour (main): – Read

Gender: – Male

Day: – Tuesday

Celestial Body: – Mars

Zodiac Sign: – Scorpio & Aries

Plant: – Dragon’s blood, Cinnamon, Clover, Rose

Tree: – Maple

Deities: – Mars, Aphrodite, Pan

Qualities: – Strength, Power, Perseverance, Marriage, Love, Courage, Risk, Anger, Rath, Passion, Revenge, War, Leadership


Colour (main): – Pink

Gender: – Female

Day: – Friday

Celestial Body: – Venus

Zodiac Sign: – Taurus

Plant: – Cherry, Rose, Vanilla, Thyme

Tree: – Apple

Deities: – Aphrodite, Estia, Hera

Qualities: – Love, Friendship, New relationships, Healing, Remands, Against negativity, Honour, Love, Marriage, Senses, Beauty


Colour (main): – Green

Gender: – Male & Female

Day: – Thursday & Friday

Celestial Body: – Mercury

Zodiac Sign: – Cap Gemini

Plant: – Peppermint, Basal, Thyme

Tree: – Pine

Deities: – Hermes, Pan

Qualities: – Wealth, Prosperity, Treasure, Lack, Healing, Development, Faery magic


Colour (main): – Gold

Gender: – Male

Day: – Sunday

Celestial Body: – Sun

Zodiac Sign: – Leo

Plant: – Cinnamon, Yarrow, Myrrh, Laurel

Tree: – Ginkgo

Deities: – Apollo, Sun, Zeus

Qualities: – Power, Wisdom, Knowledge, Royalty, Wealth, Protection, Leadership, Wishes, Hope, Individuality


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