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The Magical Properties of Stones and Crystals

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Mineral correspondences regarding their properties or ideas they represent. A simple list of the most common minerals used in the magical practices.

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Agate (Black Zebra)

Calming, Stimulation of the Root Chakra, Grounding, Spiritual Work, Clears Energy Blockages, Balance, Roots into Reality and Consciousness

Agate (Blue Banded)

Thoughts, Feelings, Boosts the ability to Communicate, Emotional Healing, Higher Self.

Agate (Crazy Lace)

Happiness, Joy, Uplifting Energy, Positivity, Optimism.

Agate (Moss)

Connection with Nature & Nature Spirits, Abundance, Gardening, Love of the Earth, Connection with Animals, Physical Health.

Agate (Tree)

Healing, Meditation, Peaceful Contemplation, Spiritual Vibration, Connection with Nature.

Agate (Turritella)

Earth, Home, Nature, Events of the Past, Strength, Protection, Survival, Healing, Sexual Potency.

Agatised Coral

Emotional Healing, Change, Understanding, Recovery from Trauma, Against Nightmares, Success, Foresight


Truth, Sincerity, Honour, Self-Love, Communication, Eloquence, Trust, Clarity


Clearing, Cleansing, Spirituality, Focus, Intuition, Sharpens the Mind, Psychic Abilities.

Aventurine (Green)

Connection with Earth and the Spirit World, Abundance, Prosperity, Growth, New Beginnings, Health, Vitality, Joy.


Calm, Healing, Centers, Invisibility, Guards against deception, Past Lives.


Stability, Stimulation, Creativity, Courage, Positive Life Choices, Motivation, Success.

Chalcedony (Blue)

Peace, Serenity, Flowing Communication, Soothing, Intuition, Truth, Wisdom.


Grounds Nervousness, Heals Mind and Body, Awakened Perception, Inner Sight, Spiritual Abilities.


Improving Emotional Health, Forgiveness, Empathy, Self-Growth, Self-Love.


Optimism, Confidence, Energising, Recharging, Creativity, Mental Clarity, Luck, Problem Solving, Abundance, Self-Esteem.


Courage, Confidence, Patience, Enhances Intellectual Abilities, Mental Skills, Stimulates the Brain.


Cleans the Mind and Aura, Healing, Calming, Communication, Intuition, Awareness, Order.

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Vitality, Energy, Revitalises, Energy Blance, Serenity, Passion, love, Devotion, Courage.

Goldstone (Blue)

Healing, Vitality, Soothing, Serenity, Miracles, Celestial Magic.


Clarity, Focus, Memory Enhancement, Courage, Strength, Grounding.


Calming, Eases Insomnia, Emotional Soothing, Stress Relief, Awareness, Wisdom, Enlightenment.

Jade Nephrite

Dream Works, Lucid Dreaming, Healing, Revitalising Energy, Health, Abundance, Divinity.

Jasper (Autumn)

Healing, Balance the four lower Chakras, Calm the Mind, Clear Rational Process, Help with Insomnia, Protection the development of children.

Jasper (Brecciated)

Strength, Vitality, Courage, Energy, Mental Clarity, helps to Experience Life, Cleansing and Stabilising the Auric Field, Protection.

Jasper (Leopardskin)

Connection with the Animal Kingdom, Communication with Physical and Spiritual Planes, Astral Journeys, Out of Body Experience, Protection, Healing.

Jasper (New Banded)

Balance of Yin and Yang, Health, Passion, Justice, Physical Strength, Physical Energy, Stimulation.

Jasper (Picture)

Inspiration, Creativity, Visualisation, Easy Travel, Emotional and Physical Healing.

Jasper (Red)

Health and Physical Healing, Grounding, Physical Body, Slow and Steady, Long Lasting.

Jasper (Silverleaf)

Balance, Stability, Strength of Purpose, Grounding.


Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Truth, Against Illusions, Banishes Fears and Insecurities, Faith, Trust, Self-confidence.

Lapis Lazuli

Honesty, Compassion, Healing, Morality, Objectivity, Creativity, Confidence.


Longevity, Loyalty, Joy, Happiness, Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Dreams, Initiation to Mysteries, Divine Femininity.

Obsidian (Black)

Protection, Shielding, Draws Negativity, Grounding, Contact with one’s Spirit Guide.

Obsidian (Blue)

Visions, Spirituality, Meditation, Communication, Divination, Psychometric and Psychic Development.

Obsidian (Snowflake)

Courage, Persistence, Hope, Helps to recognise assistance from the Spirit World, Communication with Animal Totems, helps with release of victimization role & assists with taking steps to better one’s reality.

Onyx (Black)

Absorbs Negative Energy, Protection, Development of Emotional and Physical Stamina, Aids Against Stress.


Psychic Abilities, Spirituality, Transition, High Energy, Meditation, Communication.


Energy Transmutation, Creativity, Inspiration, Success, Prosperity, Abundance.


Protection, Shielding, Wealth, Prosperity, Riches, Guards against Manipulation and Control

Petrified Wood

Nature, Physical and Emotional Healing, Calming Fears, Strength, Support, Helps Avoid Repetitive Mistakes.

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Quartz (Clear)

All Purpose, Activates, Amplifies, Cleanses, Stimulation, Energy, Power, Manifestation, Focus, Meditation, Concentration, Purification, Healing, Astral Travel, Channeling, Scrying.

Quartz (Green)

Healing, Transmutes negative energy to positive, Prosperity, Success, Creativity.

Quartz (Rose)

Unconditional Love, Compassion, Romance, Emotions, Emotional Healing, Joy, Gratitude, Self-Love.

Quartz (Smoky)

Meditation, Mental Clarity, Grounding, Centering, Calming, Stability, Protection.


Peace, Calmness, Stability, Clearing, Focus, Calms Fears, Meditation, Logic, Self-Esteem, Communication, Intellect, Wisdom.

Tiger’s Eye

Grounding, Balance, Manifestation, Strength, Success, Self-Esteem, Calms Anger and Rage.

Tiger’s Eye (Red)

Power, Confidence, Self-esteem, Motivation, High Energy.

Tiger Iron

Energetic, Dynamic, Grounding, Healing, Personal Power, Willpower, Mental Clarity.


Visions, Third Eye, Scrying, Balance, Grounding, Emotions, Spirituality.

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