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How to Use Colours in Magick

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

There is a plethora of meanings for its colour, and it varies from tradition to tradition. For this reason, we will not talk about the meaning of each colour, but instead, about the ways that colours can be used and implemented in the magical crafts.

The Altar

When we choose and transform a space in order to be used for our Craft, we should pay attention to the selection of colours that are used, not only in the space itself, but also on the tools used to create the altar, as they should be in harmony with the meanings of the tradition we follow.

Do not “bombard” the altar with too many colours but select a colour palette of a single colour or the combination of two instead. For example, for paths that work with their Divine Crafts, white and gold are the ideal colours. Thus, a “divine” altar, can have white marble top dressed in white fabric that has the needed symbols embroidered with gold thread on it, white candles on golden candleholders, white flowers, incense made of white plants, and tools that are golden (chalice, Offering bowl etc.)

In order to achieve harmony, the space surrounding the altar should be on the same colour palette. For the specific example, the space should be again in a combination of white and gold. For example, white walls with white drapes and gold trim and other golden decorations.

In the same way, we prepare the dedicated space for other traditions and parts by researching which colours are characteristic for this tradition and what is the meaning.

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Spells and Rituals

When we prepare a spell or ritual, we should pay attention on which colours are in harmony with the purpose of this practice. This is not only about the candles that are going to be used, but also about the decoration of the altar for the specific work, as well as the garments worn by the practitioner. If for example we want to perform a protective ritual and denial tradition the corners for protection are for example brown and orange, the altar can be decorated with brown and orange candles, autumn leaves, pine cones, branches etc. and we could wear a brown tunic adorned with needlework made of orange thread. The same goes on the colours we will use in order to draw symbols and other writings for this spell/ritual.


It is a good idea to maintain a corner neutral altar, and use colourful light bulbs in order to provide colour around the space. Let’s say we are preparing the protection ritual mentioned above for example, everything in the altar could be white and we could change the lightbulb to an orange one in order to shower the entire room in the appropriate colour.

The attention when using white collar, as it represents not only the sole and the divine, but every other colour as well. Because of this, white can be used as a substitute for any other colour. It is suggested to always have at least one white candle while practising or even while meditating, and this is why the main altar candle is usually white or ivory.

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