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Practical Alchemy

Book of the Week #47

Every Wednesday is BOOK-CLUB day! A day where we share with you our favourite book recommendation for the week!

This Book of the Week is:

Practical Alchemy

A Guide to the Great Work

-By Brian Cotnoir , Robert Allen Bartlett , James Wasserman

Alchemy is a means of understanding and working in concert with the energies of nature for spiritual development, healing, and transformation. In this book, Brian Cotnoir offers a step-by-step introduction that explores alchemy’s mysteries while illustrating its use as a modern spiritual system of attainment. He provides an overview of the history of alchemy, from the first meldings of Egyptian technology to the Middle Ages—the golden age of alchemy—to contemporary techniques. He demystifies the relationship between alchemy and chemistry, and provides evidence that alchemy is much more than a medieval form of psychotherapy. The guide also includes practical laboratory experiments that safely and intelligently lead readers to an understanding of this ancient art and spiritual practice. · Provides step-by-step instruction for beginning a practice in alchemy · Explains the theory underlying the art and science of alchemy and how it works · Demystifies the relationship between alchemy and chemistry, while going well beyond the “psychological interpretation” advanced by nonscientists · Introduces the practice of alchemy to students of the Western magical arts

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