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Grimoirium Imperium – The Book of The Old Spirits – John Dee

Book of the Week #53

Every Wednesday is BOOK-CLUB day! A day where we share with you our favourite book recommendation for the week!

This Book of the Week is:

Grimoirium Imperium – The Book of The Old Spirits – John Dee

“Imperium” in Latin means “Power to Command”.

Grimoirium Imperium is a grimoire that contains powerful conjurations and subjugations of Spirits, Demons and Deities which dwell in all the quarters of the earth, the depths of hell and the heights of the heavens, from one’s inner soul to the outer layers of the great beyond.

The manuscript said that it was the word of Abd Al-Hazred, who had learned much of the secret art of conjuration from avatars and spirits that he met whilst travelling in the desert.

“The book attracts many demons to it, even now they will be watching you, invisible. I urge that you pray that they are gone and banish each time you turn a page, otherwise you may find yourself overcome by them, which would doubtlessly mean madness and death.”

-Dr John Dee

About the Author:

John Dee (July 13, 1527 – 1608), was the personal advisor of Queen Elisabeth I and an important advocate of England’s imperial expansion to what is known as the “British Empire”.

He was a celebrated scientist and occultist with extensive studies and experience in astronomy, geography, mathematics, politics, philosophy, astrology, divination, alchemy and the hermetic arts.

Get the Book Here:

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