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The Fundamental Book of Sigil Magick Vol.1

Updated: Jan 30

Book of the Week #55

Every Wednesday is BOOK-CLUB day! A day where we share with you our favourite book recommendation for the week!

This Book of the Week is:

The Fundamental Book of Sigil Magick Vol.1

-By K.P. Theodore

This book serves as a textbook for those who wish to study the art of Sigil Magick. In its pages you will find information about the different kinds of sigils, their use, activation techniques and how to create custom tailored sigils from scratch.

Learn how to captivate emotions, empower the mind, create mental barriers, re-program the brain and alter consciousness by the use of “Mental Sigils”. And explore how the use of “Physical Sigils” can impact and amplify one’s abilities and enrich magickal workings.

Get the Book Here:

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