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Magical Herbal Substitutions

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

It is not always possible to have the right ingredient at the right time, and we have all found ourselves, at least once, missing one of the essential herbs for a spell, potion, ointment, or other magical works. Fret not!

This is a minimalistic list with plants and ingredients that have similar physical and magical properties. A helpful little guide to help you substitute one ingredient for another.

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Acacia – Gum Arabic

Aconite – Tobacco

Benzoin – Gum Arabic, Mastic Gum

Cedar – Sandalwood

Citrus – Equal parts of Orange peel and Lemon peel

Clove – Rose petals with a little bit of Cinnamon oil

Common Rue – Rosemary with a pinch of Black pepper

Copal – Pine Resin, Frankincense

Cypress – Pine Needles

Dragon’s Blood – Equal Parts of Frankincense and Sandalwood

Geranium – Rose

Goldenrod – Meadowsweet

Gum Arabic – Mastic Gum, Frankincense

Hellebore – Nettle

Hyssop – Lavender

Ivy – Cinquefoil

Jasmine – Rose

Juniper – Pine

Lavender – Lavandine, White Rose

Lemon Blossom – Lemon Peel

Mistletoe – Mint, Sage

Nutmeg – Cinnamon

Orange Flowers – Orange Peel

Orange – Clementine Peel

Saffron – Orange Peel

Spruce – Tobacco

Thyme – Rosemary

Tobacco – Laurel

Valerian – Spearmint

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