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Asgarda – The Sisterhood of Modern Amazons

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Asgarda restraint sisterhood that was formed in Ukraine. It is a group of young women who support that they are the descendants of the real Amazons and that they choose to leave like them! Is it a modern sect or an extreme social phenomenon?

The 20 Virgin Warriors

As Garda was found and in Lviv in Ukraine a few years ago by Katerina Ternovska, the daughter of a Cossack army general. Today, Asgarda numbers twenty girls, who are trained to leave, think, and fight like Amazons.

Their age varies, though none of them is over twenty years old. All of them are virgins, disciplined, and absolutely loyal to their leader. They train in martial arts three times a week, and how to use weapons such as swords, scythes, daggers, and gopak, which is a traditional war dance of the Cossacks.

The sisters themselves support the idea that they are the daughters of the ancient Amazon called Penthesilia, while the aversion to Christianity is one of their core values, as according to them downgrades the social role of women. Instead of a Morden religion they have created their own form of religious paganism, with main sacred symbols being fire and water.

Today Ternovska seeks finding sponsors in order to expand the sisterhood and fund the creation of a temple which will become the home of the sisterhood.

Is this just another sect or could it be a new social movement?

Who were the Amazons?

During difficult times it will adopt extreme forms of behaviour, behaviours that are boosted by the religious spirit. There is, you see, an intense need for the hope that is created by legends. And Amazons, are a powerful myth too…

According to the ancient scribes such as Herodotus, Apollon the Rhodios, Diodoros the Sicelian etc. the country of the Amazons was once located to the north-east part of Asia Minor, more specifically between Sinopi and Trabzon, in the valley of the river Thermodon to which’s estuary it’s been told that their capital, Themiskyra, was found.

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Mythology describes Amazons as a completely matriarchal society, a society in which women were governing and fighting, while men were taking care of the secondary chores of everyday life. It has been told that they did not know about agriculture, as they were hunters and gatherers, and that for an Amazon woman to bear a child should first prove her worth in battle.

As Ternovska stated, the eldest members of the sisterhood have sex only once a year, on the 21st June, not for pleasure but for reproduction. Preferably the male should be a Cossack.

If the child was a boy, they would “bend”his arms and legs, she could not become a warrior when he grows up. If the child was a girl, she would grow up with her mother for a brief period of time, and then she would have to be enrolled to the collective for her military training and education. Boys will stay with their mother until the age of seven, but girls stay forever within the sisterhood. Also, as a girl grow up, they would either burn or cut off her breast of her dominant side of her body, as not to be an obstacle for her movements during a battle. And this is how the name Amazons came to be, as an Amazon literally translates from Greek to “Without a breast” (“A” and “Mastos” which means breast), and has nothing to do with the Amazon of South America.

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Some Extreme Opinions

The relation between Asgarda and the ancient Amazons is of course under extreme scrutiny and debate. Naturally, some believe the opposite! If Amazons were historically accurate, and real, then why not having descendants to this day? Researchers support the idea that Amazons are not only something that has to deal with mythology, but history as well. They suggest that Amazons were as real as all the people and nations the truth about them…

Soviet archaeologists discovered the tombs of many female warriors around the Azophic sea, that days back to the third century BC. This is something that proves that the matriarchal dynasty was founded by Lyssipi lasted longer than all the empires of Charlemange, Alexander the Great, and Napoleon combined.

The truth can probably be found somewhere in between. Somewhere between the sisterhood’s need to believe in an ideology more pure than modern society, and the archaeological findings that support the existence of the ancient Amazons as parts of history.

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