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Q&A Part 3

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What is the difference between an Initiate, Mage and Mentor, and what are the powers of each?


Initiate and Wizard are the same thing. When we say "Initiate" we mean one who has been initiated, who is no longer an apprentice. In general, I avoid the term "Wizard" because it brings to the world associations of magicians... The Mentor is also an Initiate who has been practicing the Art for a long time and thus now has the required knowledge and experience to teach.

The powers of each Initiate depend on him. That is, it depends on what he wants to learn and in what depth. E.g. another is more interested in Stargates, another in Necromancy, another in Psychic Powers, another may simply limit himself to teaching! etc. etc...

Still others prefer to know a little of everything. It's up to everyone's personal judgment and preference. However, it is certainly not understood to be an Initiate without some basic knowledge, such as, for example, to meditate correctly at an advanced level, to be able to protect oneself, one's space, one's loved ones from magical attacks, to be able to create a magical circle , to perform a simple ceremony etc.


What is Meditation for? I read that it brings peace of mind and peace. That is, does a person meditate to bring desired results to his later "magical actions" or does he meditate to forget his daily problems and believe that everything is fine and good?


Meditation is the basis for anything you want to do, from the simplest to the most complex. It's like athletes: before doing anything, they warm up the muscles first. So is Meditation, it is the "warming up" of the spirit, the soul and the vital force/energy.

It is not only used for relaxation, but also for a whole host of other things, such as gathering energy, for healing, for divination, for self-hypnosis, for creating a magic circle, etc. etc. etc. literally for everything! If you don't first learn to meditate properly and effectively, then you can't do anything.


I was able to meditate for 5 minutes for the first time and discovered that the meditative state is something perfect! Spiritual relaxation and uplifting I would say!! I was so excited when I realized that such a "thing" existed, I didn't want to stop and I would like to meditate more often and for longer! I read that meditating for 30 minutes corresponds to 2 hours of normal sleep. So if I meditate for 120 minutes (2 hours) will it equate to 8 hours of normal sleep?


Meditation really does evoke wonderful feelings, and it really does rest the mind and body just as effectively as sleeping. But it is not so "innocent" when it is done for a long time. I would advise you not to spend more than a quarter of an hour meditating. A trap is hidden: there is a possibility that you will be "trapped" in this situation.

You already noticed that it wasn't easy or pleasant to come back to reality. Since you find it difficult to recover by meditating for only 5 minutes, imagine what happens at 15, 20, 30 minutes, etc.! Later, you will also feel that time passes much faster when you meditate. E.g. if you meditate without an alarm, you may feel like you were only "gone" for 5-6 minutes, when in fact you were "gone" for 20 minutes or more!

After very frequent and long-term meditation, it is possible that some "side effects" may occur, such as very intense dreams and a difficulty in distinguishing reality from dream and fantasy. In other words, you may find yourself in a situation where other things happen, you understand others, you see others and you feel others... very dangerous and not very pleasant. In short, not to be too long, beware! It's not a toy!

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