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A Witch’s Power

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

A Witch can possess tremendous power. The ability to control energies, shift consciousness, changing the environment around them, summon forces etc. This all can be dangerous because it affects the balance of the universe. Magic is energy, and as every other energy in the universe it interacts with other energies, vibrations, and matter. Take as an example when you turn on the light in your room. You push the switch and the energy of electricity and heat glows inside the bulb. Right? Now let’s think about what happens on the background!

You push the switch and the electricity is released in the wires. That electricity has to come from somewhere! And because you do not have that kind of energy in a great amount inside you, it has to come from the electricity “factory”. To produce that electricity the machines have to burn materials in order to release energy. These materials can be found deep inside the earth and people have to work for it. The more you use it the more the production increases and the more the economy rises. BUT! look at the other side. The more you use it, the more the environment is destroyed because of the pollution, the more the taxes rise and the list goes on… A simple and a bit silly example, but the Magic works in exactly the same way. Energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transformed and it cannot be generated out of thin air it has to come from somewhere. So be wise and consider when and where and why you are using energy!

Knowledge is the first thing that a Witch must conquer because an unwise Witch is not only dangerous for the others , but they are also dangerous for themselves! Arrogance is the greatest of the traps. Most of the practitioners, once they gain a serious amount of power they start to believe that they are invulnerable, and they end up destroying themselves. A Witch’s power is not for anyone, and it is not something that should be taken lightly.

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Now lets talk about some of the most common powers that a Witch can use.

  1. Will and Intention: are the most common powers of a Witch. Even a kid which is gifted with “Magic”, can make some of its wishes come true. When a Witch strongly wants something, wishes for something, even unintentionally, the “mental” energy that is created by the mind, most of the times is going to tap into the surrounding energies and disrupt the universal balance for a while, just enough to manifest the results that the person wishes for. It is not something strange and unusual really, maybe the explanation sounds so but in fact this is something that most of the people experience at least once in their lives.

  2. Manipulation: is the power that allows a Witch to control the powers and energies in the environment and use them to accomplish certain goals.

  3. Channeling: is very similar to Manipulation. Channeling is the ability that is used to channel and guide energies through energy fields, channels, material objects, living bodies, the earth herself etc.

  4. Summoning: is the Witch’s power to call and command powers and energies, ideas like Happiness or Sorrow, even entities or beings from the spiritual world.

And last but not least…

  1. Visualisation: is the most basic and one of the most powerful abilities a Witch can have. It is the essence of Witchcraft, the source of human power, emotion, and Magic. Visualisation is very similar to imagination. You can think of it as strong imagination, but in a very very realistic and practical way. By visualising the outcome, the final result, you tune your mind into creating the circumstances required to achieve a goal based in your true intentions, thoughts, and wishes.

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