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Solitary Witch or Coven?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I received an e-mail from one of my readers asking me if it is preferable to be a Solitary Witch or be a member of a Coven.

Solitary Witch:

When working as a solitary Witch there is the big advantage of working on your own path, in your own special ways and beliefs. You can have your own practices and act as you wish with complete freedom as you can set your own boundaries or have no boundaries at all.

The disadvantage is that compared to the coven magic, a solitary Witch most of the times has less power to perform an act compared to a coven. In some occasions though a practitioner might be powerful enough to overpower an entire coven. Another disadvantage is that if someone is not raised in a “magical” environment and has no previous contact with the subject, they face the danger to follow a completely wrong path with the wrong practices and fail in the end, because they have no correct guidance.


When working in a coven, there are two great advantages. The first one is that of the collective power. Witches in a coven can raise an enormous amount of power to direct it towards a common goal, and in some rare times this power is compared to no other and no solitary practitioner. The second advantage is that of the knowledge and the guidance that someone and especially a beginner can have inside a coven from the more mature and knowledgeable members of the coven.

There is also a small group of great disadvantages. Working in a coven means that the Witches practice with their collective power and in some cases have almost no time to practice their own powers. On the other hand, even if they have the time and effort to do so , (in many cases) they cannot really do it because they have to maintain a level and type of energy under the same uniformity. The next disadvantage is that if someone wishes to enter a coven, they have to have the same beliefs, practice the same ways, and follow the same paths. They have to discuss about the schedule, and also when and where to perform the practices. Plus there are rules to obey. So the freedom is very, very limited.

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In Conclusion

The best choice is to form a “Coven of Solitary Witches”. When working only with and inside a Coven, your power rests mostly in the collectivity of the members and you have to follow certain paths and methodology!

When working alone, you can find your own way and methodology and develop your individual power to its maximum potential.

Regarding a ” Coven of Solitary Witches”, imagine a “Meeting” of similar individual practitioners, whom, at times, combine their power to raise a superb amount of energy for a common “cause”.

In addition, that form of coven can benefit the individual practitioners to learn from each other about different paths and methods and enrich their own practices and knowledge.

Coven Magic is most of the times stronger than Solitary Magic, but requires (most of the times) all the members of the coven. On the other hand, Solitary Magic is always available at any time.

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