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The Boy and The Gargoyles

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

There was a young boy living in the dirty alleys of a Bavarian town. His name was always changing, depending on who would be the one that he would ask for charity and how he would introduce himself to the good ladies coming out of the tall, majestic church when he would beg for a piece of bread and a smile with his big innocent eyes.

The boy was good at heart, but the needs of his tough life dragged him like a shipwreck through all the gutters and the poor neighbourhoods, unable to do things for himself, dirty, alone, and exhausted, always begging for some food and water.

One day, when the entire town was gathered around the town’s centre to visit a passing by flea market, the boy was wandering around the people while trying to find some food. He was so hungry that hunger took over and suddenly he found himself holding a fresh chicken in his muddy hands.

The screams of the vendor and the metallic clunking noise from the uniforms of the soldiers that chased after him were enough to scare his very soul! In his panic, he just ran and ran until he reached the front of the ancient tall church that is was so massive and made of stone, it looked as if it was a pillar that was holding the heavens up in the sky.

At the time, there were some works going on in the church so he got the chance and using the scaffolds he climbed on top of the pillars, the statues, and the roof tiles, until he reached the very top of the church.

From there, the entire world seemed different, people looked so small, and the boy suddenly felt free and happy.

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“Welcome to our world” he heard a voice say. The boy looked all around but he could not find anyone other than a few dozen statues that strangely they were all facing his direction.

“Don’t be afraid of us”, the gargoyles said with their stone mouths. “It has been centuries since we have been standing here up high, we are the guardians of the temple and none has ever approached us”.

“But you are statues” said the boy. “How can you speak?”.

“Life can be found everywhere our little friend. Ignore our ugliness and stay with us. We will take care of you and protect you, as we have done for so many generations for the temple”.

“It really is very beautiful here” said the boy. He felt such a warmth in the way that the statues were talking to him.

A few years passed by, and when the works in the building have been complete, the workers said that among the gargoyle statues on the roof, that all resembled animals and demons, they found a statue they have never seen before. They found a very well crafted statue, that of a very young boy.

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