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Traditional Enchantments

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Spells and rituals are more common and popular in remote areas and villages since the ancient times. There are thousands of enchantments and spells that no one ever recorded on paper, but they passed down verbally from one generation to the other. This enchantments is usually characterised by their simplicity and minimalistic approach, and it is one of the reasons of why they are so effective. It is common opinion that the more simple and enchantment is, the more effective it can be.

So here’s a small collection of these Traditional Enchantment. If you are aware of any other folk traditions and enchantments, please share them with us in the comments.

Protection from Curses, Demons, and Enemies:

  1. Soak a bundle of trefoil in some vinegar, and sprinkle it at the four corners of every room in the house. This protects a house against Demons.

  2. Place some dried marjoram in some cheesecloth and hang it over the main door of the house. This protects those that live in the house from curses.

  3. Burn some dried weeds in the fireplace of your own house, and call out loud the name of the person who wants to harm you, in order to free yourself from their power.

  4. Please some leaves from a willow tree at the four corners of the house. This protects the house from curses.

  5. Please some oak blossoms under the porch to avoid unwanted visitors.

  6. If something has been stolen, place some sunflowers that have been gathered in August under your pillow, and this will help you dream of the thief.

  7. Write your own name with red ink on a leaf of a lemon tree and keep it on you at all times. This will protect you from your enemies.

  8. To get rid of malevolent entities in a house, sprinkle the corners of every room with some Angelica oil while saying “Evil spirits go away, only goodness here can stay”.

  9. To protect a house from curses, mix some carrot leaves with salt, and place them in different parts of the house.

For Good Luck, Wealth, and Prosperity

  1. Place some fresh rose petals in the fireplace to bring good luck in the house.

  2. Some dried basil leaves in the handbag or wallet, protect against bad luck.

  3. Fresh trefoil placed in a mojo bag made of red flannel brings good luck.

  4. Place alfalfa in a cardboard, to protect the family from poverty.

  5. A fresh pink rose pinned on the clothes, brings good luck and good health to the wearer.

  6. Leave a crystal under the moonlight for three nights and then wrap it with some yellow fabric. Hide it in a secure place in the house in order to bring good luck to your home.

  7. Every night before bed, sprinkle your feet with flower water, in order to be able and find treasures or money in the earth.

  8. A dried piece of Apple that has been picked in May protects its owner from poverty.

  9. While the cleansing a room with frankincense, mix it with some dried leaves of mint in order to draw money.

  10. To bring more money your way, keep the money you already have in a wood made of cedar.

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For Love and Romance:

  1. Throw some sunflower seeds in your bathwater to make you irresistible.

  2. Some fresh daisies in the bathwater makes the person whose bathing become more respected and to be admired by others.

  3. To bring back an unfaithful spouse, write their name on a piece of paper, wrap it around a bamboo piece, and throw it in the fire while saying “Happiness you’ll never find near, until you see and come back here”.

  4. A woman can wear some dried loyal on her clothes to guarantee a long lasting and happy relationship.

  5. For a woman to find a good husband, sprinkle all corners in the house with some marjoram water frequently.

  6. To cause someone to feel love, offer them a little pouch with dried spearmint.

  7. To influence someone, holds some clovers tight in your fist while thinking of the face.

For a couple to make up after a fight or to make things better:

  1. Some fresh leaves of Magnolia placed under the couple’s bed, helps to rekindle their love life.

  2. Some fresh violets at the corners of the house, help the couple make up after a fight.

  3. A bouquet of lilies in the living room, brings peace between the couple.

  4. Slice and Adam and Eve root in half, each part of the pair takes half, and for as long as they keep it in their possessions nothing will split them apart.

  5. Make two small mojo bags out of red flannel and feel them with some cloves. Wrap them in some leather string, and for as long as you wear them there will always be peace between you.

  6. Toss some wheat bulbs around the house, in order to stop family fights.

For Wishes to come True:

  1. Burn some dried laurel leaves in the bedroom, and before seven days have passed, all dreams will come true.

  2. Place some lavender under the pillow and think of you which before you fall asleep. If you dream something related to your wish, then your wish will come true.

  3. Regulation a piece of paper, folded, place a marigold inside it and sell it with red wax. Hide it somewhere safe in the house while thinking of your wish coming true. Move it in different places of the house every three days, and once they wish come true, burn it.

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