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The Occult Names of Plants

We often hear in movies, in shows, in stories or read in books about spells with strange, hard to find, disgusting and… often imaginary ingredients, such as "mouse's tail", "lizard's tongue", "snake's milk" and other such abominations. The impression has been wrongly created that all this is taken literally... that there really are filters and "concoctions" with such materials.

The truth is that all of these are nothing more than "code" names for herbs! These strange names were first given because of the occurrence of some plants and later to protect the knowledge from the ignorant who intended to corrupt it or use it for evil purpose. Thus, strange and often imaginary things were given names to discourage the attempt to create filters by the unskilled and unlearned.

I am listing here some of the occult names of the plants along with their real names:

Wild Blackberry (white) = Doll Eyes

Horseradish = Pig's Snout

Alpha-Alpha = Mare's Leg

Amaranth = Feather Prince or Blood of Love & Hate

Antirrhino = Calf's Mound or Frog

Aron or Fidohorto or Dracontio = Dragon's Blood

Balsamine the Gardener = Page from the Bible

Basil = Geni Archonta

Vetoniki = Queen's Lace or Snowflake

Fangtooth Violet = Viper's Tongue

Thistle or St. John's Wort = Saint's Thorn

Clove = Viper's Mouth or Viper's Meat

Gerani = Crow's Foot or Pigeon's Foot

Tree Ivy = Deer Horn

Hellevoros = Bear's Foot

Euphorbio or Galatsida or Phlomos = Snake Milk or Snake Milk

Echion to koionon or Lykopsis or Vouglosso = Bull's Tongue

Sunflower or Nodule = Devil's Milk

Iris = Wand of Angel

Kaltha the Elocharis = Bull's Eye or Gay's Wings

Capsule or Shepherd's Valantio or Wild Cardamom = Mother's Heart

Ground Ivy = Cat's Milk or Cat's Paw

Kollitsida or Platomadila = Beggar's Buttons

Crowweed or Swallowweed = Bloody Fingers or Fairy Fingers

Barley = Foxtail

Mandrake = Goose's Foot or Duck's Foot

Muscles or Lycopodium = Wolf's Claw

Buttercup or Buttercup = Frog's Leg

Neragato = Gypsy's Comb

Pentaneuro or Musa = Lamb's Tongue

Pentaphyllo or Potentilli or Vasanaki = Flesh & Blood

Rooster Herb = Beggar's Wand

Polygon the two-stroke or Perikokladi = Serpent's Tongue

Polycobi = Horse's Tail

Pulikaria or Psyllohorto = Cow's Tail

Primula = Bear's Ear or Tears of the Sun

Rinanthos = Leiri Peteinos

Rice = Castor Bean

Sedon the Drimy = Rat's Tail

Spiraea or pteloidea or Filipendula or ulmaria or Hortostreido = Cat's Gut or Goat's Gut

Chicory or Ranunculus = Cardinal Monkey

Symphyton or Stekouli = Donkey's Ear

Dandelion or Wild Lettuce or Wild Radish = Lion's Tooth

Clover = Hare's Foot or Mouse's Foot

Yoskyamos = Old Man's Blood or Doctor's Blood

Ivory grass = Negro's Head

Flamouria or Melia = Bird's Tongue

Fumaria = Geni Gerou

Prickly Pear = Devil's Tongue

Elm = Jew's Ear

Fern = Horse Tongue

Vanilla Leaves = Hound's Tongue

Chamoleuki or Bihani = Bull's Leg

Tortoisegrass = Snake's Head or Tortoise's Head

False Horn = Unicorn Horn

Psorastro = Cat's Eye

These are of course only a few of the many names. Also, the names vary from place to place, depending on local beliefs and traditions. However, the next time you hear something strange as a potion ingredient, know that it is nothing more than the occult name of a plant.

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