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The Moon in the Zodiac Signs

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

As you all probably know, the Moon moves through the houses of the signs every 2nd or 3rd day. You probably also know that the Moon is energetically affected by the characteristics of the sign it is in at any given time, and thus affects us accordingly. So, in addition to the phase of the Moon that we must know in order to perform our magical work, it is good to know how each sign affects the Moon, so that – when this is possible – we choose the appropriate days for the work us, not only based on the phase of the Moon, but also based on which sign it is in.

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Here are the influences of each sign on the Moon’s energy and which subjects are favoured accordingly:

Moon in Aries ~ New Beginnings (but lacking stability and consolidation), Inner Issues, Personality.

Moon in Taurus ~ Financial, Personal Gains coming from the business sector, consolidating anything that starts now and relates to these matters.

The Moon in Gemini ~ Communication, Relationships (of any nature), Studies, Oral & Written Language (however, lack of stability and consolidation, easily influenced by external factors).

Moon in Cancer ~ Family, Motherhood, Inner Growth.

Moon in Leo ~ Love Affairs, Fun, Sports, Pleasures (of any nature), Pets.

Moon in Virgo ~ Business, Work Environment & Relationships, Health.

Moon in Libra ~ Marriage, Partnerships, Legal Issues, Self-Awareness & Self-Criticism.

Moon in Scorpio ~ Death, Sexuality, Hereditary Issues, Mutations (radical changes), Psychic Powers, Breaking Bonds (of any nature).

Moon in Sagittarius ~ Religious Themes, Mysticism, Metaphysics, Higher Knowledge, Far Travel, Imagination, Confidence.

Moon in Capricorn ~ Business, Career, Social status, Honor, Fatherhood, Discipline.

Moon in Aquarius ~ Friendship, Organizations, Uniqueness, Consciousness.

Moon in Pisces ~ Karma, Secrets (covering and revealing), Self-Improvement, Definitions (setting boundaries), Reorganization.

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