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Moon Phases and Witchcraft: A Simple guide

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

From the early ages of Witchcraft, Magic was associated with the Moon. People made a bunch of myths about it and Witches used to plan their magical practice in order to match the moon phases. In our days, based on our modern knowledge we can see some of the truth behind the myth and explain “why” these beliefs might have been crated.

When the moon is close to the earth, the energy field “opens” because of the gravitational and magnetic field that pulls towards it, so spells are easier to cast”. Another example is that when the moon is full, it means that all of the visible surface to us counters all the sunlight it gets. Moon is a giant “stone”, and every stone has its properties. When the light bounces at its surface, mixes with its energy, and then reflects somewhere else, it means that it actually transfers its energies. In our case, sunlight carries the “moon properties” to earth, and because each day the visible percentage of the moon’s surface differs, the amount of energy that reflects back to us differs too.

Now lets see some more details about the Phases.

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New Moon: It is when the moon is completely dark and it is the best period to plant the seeds for any new purpose. Give your intention and make all the pre-casting arrangements.

Waxing Crescent: From the New Moon till the First Quarter, it is the period for the new beginnings, new thoughts, new ideas.

First Quarter: It is the physical event of the new beginning and the moment of action. Signifies the personal growth and the spiritual maturity.

Waxing Gibbous: From the First Quarter till the Full Moon, it is the period of collecting the crops of the seeds that you did plant during the New Moon. For good or for bad.

Full Moon: Signifies the balance of power and purpose, it is the right time to do anything and everything.

Waning Gibbous: From the Full Moon till the Last Quarter, it is the sign that life keeps going.

Last Quarter: It is the period that one has to reflect on and review their life. Rearrange thoughts and points of view and go back to the old practices.

Waning Crescent: From the Last Quarter till the New Moon, it is the last Moon Phase and it is the time to get rid of the old and welcome the new. The period that the empty spots in life start to become visible and the preparation for the New Moon Begins.

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The best dates to practice are:

  1. From the New Moon till the Full Moon: Constructive and increasing Magic. (this does not mean that is white or for good, you can cast constructive or increasing Magic even to increase the bad luck or support someone’s illness on order to not let him be well.)

  2. During Full Moon: Every kind of Magic becomes really strong.

  3. From the Full Moon till the New Moon: Destructive and decreasing Magic. (this again does not mean black or for bad, you can use destructive Magic to burn away evil etc. )

NOTE: The types of Magic have nothing to do with the way you use them. You can use good magic to kill or bad magic to heal. These are man-made names that do not apply to Magic and Nature.

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