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How and Why to Cleanse Your Crystals

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

As we have already mentioned, but also as it is generally accepted, crystals are not only energy carriers but also recipients. Consequently, they receive various influences in the form of “information” which consist of thoughts, ideas, feelings and generally actions that result from our psychology and behavior.

This information has neither material nor energy-like substance (at least not in the physical sense of energy, which is measurable), however it tends to cling to matter and the crystal’s energy, causing a slight change and other variables (though often imperceptible) in its properties. Depending on the “quality” of the information received by the crystal, it may even undergo changes in its color, surface, transparency or even its “behavior” during its use in therapeutic sessions or other practices.

Behavior is also one of the ways in which the change in information that is attached to the crystal is perceived. Of course, the simplest and most direct way is to listen to the feeling that the crystal brings out, which can be from a thought that will pass through our mind to an emotion that will overwhelm us.

Take for example a book you are reading. Apparently they are nothing but blank papers with some smudges on them that we call letters. However, the order in which the letters are placed on the sheets of paper, form words and phrases, which when reading them can cause us a variety of emotions, from joy to sadness, from feelings of love to hate. Similarly we can approach the interaction we have with the crystals …

Many times the information can be felt in the crystal due to some changes (besides the above) that we feel in them without being visible, from a slight difference in the feeling it leaves us when we touch it, to the feeling of a heavier weight in the crystal (eg. in cases where we use a crystal in a necklace).

Although it should be understood by now, note that not all information is “bad”, on the contrary some may be quite good and useful. For example, when someone charges a crystal with love or protection to give it to us as a gift, the crystal adopts this quality which accompanies us, along with the corresponding qualities that are “implanted” in the crystal. The latter are the characteristics of the crystal, the properties that have been given to it during its creation and that are not erased by cleansing.

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The Purpose of Cleansing Crystals, Stones, and Minerals.

We have mentioned above the ways in which crystals are affected, whether we use them or not. Changes in color and translucency can be observed even when the crystal is exposed to dust, moisture or other conditions that can alter its appearance or the feeling it leaves on our hands. An important observation here, which is often the starting point for misunderstandings, is the functionality of the crystal after some possible change that we may observe in it (such as the above).

Objectively, the functionality and healing ability of a crystal does not cease to apply if its brightness or color changes. However, our approach to this crystal in such a case may affect it more. Often, people react with regret to this change, gradually stop approaching it with the enthusiasm and respect it once had, while tending to use it less and less in their daily lives.It is clear that this change in their psychology adversely affects the functionality of the crystal/mineral. Through this fact, however, an additional reason emerges, more psychological than practical, for which it is deemed appropriate to cleanse the crystals and, through it, to renew our relationship with them.

Of course, we must emphasize the practical importance of cleansing somewhere here. Especially for crystals that have just been acquired or used for massage in combination with body creams or oils, it is important that they be cleansed for both practical and hygienic reasons. Some basic techniques for cleansing crystals (which of course we must say do not apply to all crystals, since each differs from the others in terms of its chemical composition) are given below.

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The Cleansing of Crystals and Minerals.

Crystal cleansing is an issue on which we come across many kinds of information and opinions, often incomplete or in some cases contradictory. Some people disagree about when and where it is more efficient to expose the crystals to the sun or the moon, others argue that some crystals do not even need to be cleaned, others cleanse them very often or in many ways “to be sure”, etc. It is therefore logical to be confused when we receive a lot of fragmentary or even contradictory information.

Perhaps the main reason for this confusion is the fact that, as in many specialized subjects, real and essential knowledge comes through friction with each object, in this case, through our preoccupation and contact with the crystals. It is logical that the experiences we gain from our practice and experimentation play a decisive role in the view that we will form around the subject, which in fact may not remain constant in the axis of time. Therefore, we follow some “standard” and basic cleansing methods, which we can develop or even paraphrase, if through our experiences with crystals we deem it appropriate. The crystals themselves can guide us in this direction, as long as we learn to “listen” to them.

There is often talk of “small” and “large” purifications, as a kind of separation of the various methods used to purify crystals and minerals. Of course there is no clear distinction as everyone judges these methods with their own criteria and their own experience. However, in general, a “large” purge refers to the “deep” purification of a crystal at an energy level (in IT terms we could put it as a “reset” on the crystal), while a small purge is more about discharge and renewal of the energy of a crystal.

To make it more understandable, let’s say that a “big” cleansing should be done when we buy a crystal or more generally when we use it for the first time, while a “small” cleansing is enough for a crystal that we wore during the day when we take it out to go to bed, or for some crystal we used in a therapy session.

The most common methods of “large” cleaning are depositing the crystals in a glass bowl with water and salt, or depositing them in sunlight. Usually both methods are followed sequentially.

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In the first case, we place the crystal or crystals (there is no limit to the quantity, we can cleanse as many crystals as we want at the same time) in a bowl of salt water. Some prefer sea water, others prefer tap water with sea salt and others place coarse mineral salt in the bowl, which gradually dissolves in the water. Whatever one one chooses, it works. Of course some may avoid sea water due to the pollution in the sea, others may say that mineral salt is not as good as sea salt and others may have the opposite view, but the bottom line is that all ways can be equally functional. In any case, the factors that influence our choice are many, from the degree of our experience to the quality of the sea that is closer to us (for someone who lives near a commercial port, for example, it makes sense to prefer mineral salt or trade sea salt with tap water).

We leave the crystals in the salt water for a few hours (maximum one day), until we feel that they have been cleansed. It is advised that the glass bowl we will use is round and has no patterns on it (water tends to assimilate the archetypal symbolism of these patterns). Then we rinse them and place them in the sun during the hours when it is at its highest point (noon) and for as long as we feel it is needed (maximum three days).

It is logical that not all crystals need to be cleansed at the same time, but this observation also depends on our ability to discern when a crystal has been cleansed, an ability that naturally develops over time and in conjunction with how much we deal with, and hoe “open” we are when dealing with crystals.

Also, a very important element to keep in mind is that some crystals or minerals such as Selenite, turquoise, amber, malachite (and azuromalachite), pearl, etc. are destroyed when they touch the water due to their chemical composition. We usually cleanse these crystals with pure salt, with which we cover them completely. Another method is to place them in a small, empty bowl which in turn is placed in a larger bowl of salt water, so that the crystals are enclosed by salt water but at the same time remain dry.

Other crystals such as amethyst, fluorite, pink quartz etc. Should not be subjected to much exposure to the sun because their color and brightness are altered (however they do not spoil). Some other minerals, such as astrophilite, do not tolerate salt. However, the above methods, together with their variants, cover the whole range of crystals in terms of their purification. What matters is to act consciously in what we do, to respect the crystals as we would any living organism, and to set our will and intention in the direction of the purpose for which we work.

Another good method that is used for both “big” and “small” purifications and is suitable for all crystals is the use of purifying herbs as incense, with which we “scense” our crystals or minerals.

Discharge, Grounding, and Renewal of the Energy of Crystals and Minerals.  

Having mentioned the way in which crystals and minerals constantly “store” information, we note the need for occasional discharge and renewal of the energy of the crystals (something that we also refer to as “small” purification). This discharge can be done before the first use, after each use and generally whenever you feel the need.

The simplest way to discharge, is to hold the crystal for about a minute (or more) under cool, running water by gently rubbing its surface with your fingers. During the discharge it is good to exhale deeply, so that your own energy is not affected by the discharge of the crystal.

But remember: Some crystals or minerals, such as turquoise, amber, etc. should not come into contact with water. In these cases, follow other cleansing and discharging methods.

Another way to discharge and replenish the energy of the crystals, especially for those whom we deal with them very often or on a daily basis and need an immediate way of discharging, is to spray them with a mixture of organic “base” essential oils (such as rosemary, juniper etc.), which of course must be combined in specific quantities and proportions for reasons of balance. (Usually a 2-5% concentration of essential oil to a base oil of your choice)

You can also have various dried or fresh herbs such as sage, lavender, rosemary, corn, etc. in the place where you store the crystals when you are not using them, in order for them to be maintained in good energy conditions.

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