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Past Life Regression 101: A How to Guide for Beginners

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

It is suggested to do it in collaboration with a friend or even better a connoisseur of Internalism, so that if you get trapped in other fields or have trouble “turning around”, the friend can aid you do it. Also, the friend should keep notes of everything you say / do while meditating.

It is necessary to perform first a ritual bath and then some basic calming meditation in order to purify your aura and relax.

Lie down somewhere comfortable with your body in a straight position and a small pillow under your neck. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax. Your friend should now start telling you slowly, in a gentle tone and clearly what is mentioned below. You should clearly envision what is being said as they dictate it to you.

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You are outside a huge and imposing library.

In front of it are 10 huge steps that lead to the main entrance.

Very slowly you start to climb the stairs counting each one you pass.

Now you have arrived in front of the main entrance of the building. The door is giant and has a huge knocker.

Use the knocker to knock on the door.

Someone will open the door for you. This is your guiding spirit.

Specifically tell them to show you what you are looking for (eg. your immediately previous life or the previous one before that etc.)

You do not have to start a conversation with the guiding spirit right now.

Ask them to take you to a place where you can get the information you asked for.

Behind your guiding spirit now you see a door and they lead you there.

They lead you to another room and ask you to sit down.

Here, the guiding spirit will offer you a book or a photo album or show you some short of “screenshots”. Observe carefully what you see and hear and describe it to your friend at the same time, who should take notes. When you are done, thank your guiding spirit.

Open the door of the room and go to the main door of the building where you came from.

Open the main door and go out.

As you descend the stairs, do that slowly and count from 10 to 1 each witch step you pass.

Do not be worried if you do not remember what you saw! That’s why your friend keeps notes. It is also recommended in addition to the friend who will be near you, to have a tape recorder in case you start speaking in an unknown language and your friend can not take notes.

Good luck!

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