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LOVE – An Otherworldly Research

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

In terms of science, how does it alter our lives? Why is it so challenging to comprehend and exercise? How exactly does it relate to daily life for people? Why do we all have a persistent want for it? Love Is An Intelligent Cosmic Vibrational Energy That Transforms Human Consciousness and Is Invisible. Many people only have a limited understanding of how love affects how things turn out in our daily lives since it is such a misunderstood aspect of life.

Keys to understanding how our souls are related to our lives and how our lives are dependent on love frequencies for our own growth in awareness are emerging from global metaphysical study communities.

Our understanding of love, an invisible aspect of existence, and how it nurtures and supports the growth of the human soul is still in its infancy. Love is a vibration of light and song. It serves as our link to everything that exists and silently transmits information about our souls across the cosmos. Our physical cells work at a much higher degree of awareness and intelligence when they contain more of that frequency or light. A person’s entire body changes, and so do their actions. The soul evolves and is “lighter.”

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The term “love” itself generates many facets of human misunderstanding since we have been so deprogrammed from sourcing and harmonizing this ethereal part of life-sustaining energy from inside our bodies. We may understand what emotion-based cognition is and how it compels us to behave in distorted or unloving ways by metaphysically analyzing the human energy system. Understanding how powerful and life-changing love energy can be when it is properly directed through our bodies is crucial for each of us to advance society. More significantly, knowing how these energies function throughout each of our bodies enables us to comprehend why our civilizations are so chaotic and discordant.

The emotional component of the human spirit now lacks nutrition training in our worldwide educational system. This part of the human body works toward behavioral love and oneness with others in an effort to establish an eternal connection. Like all other known aspects of existence, emotions are supported by an unseen network of mathematically encoded vibrational frequencies. Our bodies carry powerful life-supporting energy in what we emit and exchange.

When it comes to explaining how light and vibration truly create our physical reality and how love binds everything together, our educational institutions fall woefully short. As a result, we are no longer able to recognize one another as light beings, which is how we truly are. We have utterly misinterpreted how these human energies truly shape our world events, in addition to forgetting the importance of the energetic and emotional influences we have on one another. We have entirely forgotten how to interpret the vibrating human awareness that each person produces. At best, we can pick up on a room’s energy and sense that something is off, but we are unable to identify who is radiating what and who is not.

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We have thus produced several cultures that severely stifle our organic and spontaneous manifestations of emotion-based creativity as a result of our state of being separated from vibrating love frequencies. The world’s misery, human depravity, or animal brutality are manifestations of this distortion of pure loving energy. The institutions we use to live in stifle the creative expression and spiritual development that are divine rights bestowed upon each of us at birth in many tiny ways. We must first comprehend how we are made of light in order to comprehend who we are as creative light beings. It is crucial to comprehend our unique soul mission, our psychic abilities, our capacity for love, and our obligation to contribute to the creation of peaceful coexistence.

In order to enable anyone who is interested in learning to access grander metaphysical concepts and start to free themselves from the darker aspects of their lives should they choose to evolve beyond the beliefs they currently hold, a portion of this long-term research in psychic drawn data retrieval is intended to bring these concepts into daily human reality. Bringing to light the enormous worth of metaphysical knowledge equips us with the means to end the emotional shackles we refer to as human misery. This is not only an idealistic idea. The reality of our entire surface world is in fact underpinned by the profound cosmic basis.

Not facing up to our imperfections and errors is the solution. opening ourselves to a bigger, more expansive truth And the key to our race’s restoration is accessing soul wisdom. Many people have made an effort to learn more about the formation and development of the human soul through psychic science. It is a fascinating area of study, and on our website we share some of the more significant findings in it with you.

We’re all telepathic. We all have much more skill than we are aware of having. Each person may understand how their very thoughts and actions produce the world they physically and emotionally experience every day as a result of their metaphysical education. When it comes down to it, the majority of people just care about their immediate, fundamental requirements. Each of us eventually produces in life out of the primal drive of love. Each of us has a soul calling related to a lack, loss, need, or longing for something. We are a part of it. We are a conduit for it. It IS us since it is what we are made of.

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