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Types of Energy that are Used for Magick

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

There is a great variety of energy types a practitioner can use to cast spells and practice the craft and magick. A lot of sources to get these energies are also available. The categories and subcategories are endless but we will talk about the most common types which actually form the larger families of categories.

Universal Energy

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The most common, abundant energy, that someone can use is the Universal Energy. It is the fundamental energy that runs through everything inside the universe. This energy is a result of the combination and mixtures of all energies in the universe that interact with each other. Most of the practitioners prefer to use this kind of energy, as it is endless and the safest to use. It is one of the easiest energies to manipulate and use, and can be found everywhere. Some others, prefer not to use it, because it is one of the weakest forms of energy for active magic, and it takes a lot of effort to gather a decent amount to perform a ritual.

Elemental Energy

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One of the most powerful types of energy, and also one of the most dangerous to use. Ancient Greeks and other civilisations believed that everything around us is formed by the basic elements. These energies are infinite and as old as the universe itself. Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit! These are the elemental energies that can be channelled and used to alter every situation. As a powerful form of energy, elements have a special way to be used in the craft. One must use spells and rituals to manipulate the elements and guide them in order to fulfil their purpose, not just tap into them. Gathering and using raw elemental energy is extremely dangerous, only for the very advanced and only in extreme cases, this is because when one type of elemental energy enters the body, it tends to disrupt the balance of nature.

Just keep this example in mind: Your target is made from a combination of natural (elemental) energies. If you send to this target a great amount of one of the elemental energies then you are going to disrupt its matter/energy composition and eventually lead it to destruction. Now you realise that if you try to gather pure elemental energy inside you, you turn yourself to be your own target.

The only elemental energy that does not work exactly this way is Spirit. As the white colour is the spectral combination of all the colours of the rainbow, the Spirit is the same in comparison to the elemental energies. If the Spirit enters a body, it tends to maximize the energy levels and as a result most of the times, it leads to the corruption of physical body.

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Life Force

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This is the spiritual energy that drains power from the spirit of the user, their life force. This is the most powerful but most dangerous of all types of energy to practice with. This path should not interfere with the use of external energies, only with the personal energy of the user. It can be used for any reason, any time, at any place, as long as the caster wants to.

When someone uses this kind of energy, it simply transfers one’s life force energy to the target. This can have multiple outcomes and be used for a variety of reasons. One can transfer memories through their energy, just to share them with the target, or transfer every negative feeling or even the emotional/physical pain they have ever experienced, in order to attack the target. It can be used for both, creation or destruction.

But there is a very high price to pay for such power. The price of life. Using the life force, means that one drains their own life and spend it to achieve their goals. Life force is really difficult to replenish and some times, in some cases, it is not even possible to do so.

Practitioners who use that type of energy, sooner or later enter the darkest realm of magic, the realm of death. They have to “steal” life force from other living beings in order to replenish theirs and become what many people call “psychic vampires” so they can suck others’ life force to survive or use it for their practice.

Yes, you can use life force energy, but only when it is really needed, and if possible, never enter this path, this realm of magic, because almost every single time leads to the downfall.

Spiritual Energy

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Nothing is what it appears to be in the spirit world. The use of spiritual energy needs a lot of caution but it is one of the most effective and old practices. One can use Spirits, their guidance, energies, and powers to their own benefit.

There are two ways to do so. The first way is to work with the spirits, greet them, ask them, offer to them, and be in harmony with them. This is almost always safe. A lot of the spirits like to help human beings and will work willingly with someone who is in need.

The other way, the not recommended one, is to force a spirit to work for you. Enslave it, torture it, trick it. When this happens, the practitioner enters a very tough situation and they are in grave danger. Spirits hate to be treated as property or lower status beings, and when mad, they can bring forth really destructive forces against the one who offended them.

And I must say again, that nothing is what it appears to be in the spirit world. The ones that look like demons can be the most pure in heart, and the most “angelic” beings in appearance can be the source of misery. And be careful, when entering the spirit realm, everything changes, even you, and when the gateway to the spirit realm is opened for you to watch or go inside, it is also open for spiritual beings to watch back at you or come outside their realm and into the mortal physical world.

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