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Invisible Fornicators

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Haunted Affairs

Demons are well aware that humans are very attracted to Aphrodite’s games and the sexual pleasures of the body. For that reason, they tried to tempted: hermit Antonio, the two Makarios, Panfoukio, Serapio, Dionysis, and of course the founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola. The unfortunate ascetics of Egypt were the easiest targets for the evil creatures since the creatures could easily seduce them with their alluring figures. The sexual contacts between the invisible and the misguided believers were not a rare phenomenon. There are countless examples of anonymous relationships that have occurred over the years. Theologists name them incubi and succubi, meaning those who lie on top or bottom as males or females who visit those who are asleep “having worn a body like a shadow, from images without blood and sucking the dirt of an awful body, they come in contact with the world for their reasons… of earthly pleasures and lust” Agrippas will write in his infamous De Occulta Philosophia.

Laying down with the Demon

A while after, in 1565, on the 25th of May, in Germany, at the monastery of Nazareth, the Diocese of Cologne, a young nun named Gertrude, who was nineteen years old, confided to her fellow companion that Satan was coming every night to her room so that he can make love to her. The nuns wanted to find out what was really happening, but in the meantime Gertrude was kidnapped by spirits. A while after, the nuns of the monastery found love letters between Gertrude and her beloved demon, inside a chest in her bedroom. The nun and the demon were having fun every single night. These words were written by Crespi in Duo Satan. He was not the only one who wrote about such an incident. Bishop Ermolaos of Verona reports the case of a hermit who, drawing in his lust for a beautiful succubi – who visited him every night as well – died while making love to her. Pleasure has always been the goal and as the elderly confirm it, the incubus do not ignore anything around that matter. And yet, some will disagree: Valderrama will stubbornly claim that in reality these creatures indulge in lust without any pleasure “they are pure spirits and they cannot be satisfied with sensual matters. All they seek is to make the humankind fall into the abyss of Hell so that they can fight with the righteous wrath of the Almighty”. Pierre Martyr Guerra, in De Orbe Novo, also agreed to that and he also made an important remark: “…they take the form of a man and seem to want to enjoy the female lures, but they become invisible when the act is about to happen”. There are several stores of invisible rapes, which are being stated in older books. Papa Innocenzo III had confessed that nuns’ rapes were a fact. Gregor de Tours, Cesar of Heisterbach, Gieber ness Nozan and Saint Bernard believed the same. The latter even exorcised a spirit ( a strange fact if one thinks that Louis the Sinistratus in his Demoniality, discourages the exorcisms of these spirits as they get infuriated rather than being expelled) which for six years, he forced the wife of a knight to have an affair with him, in the couple’s bed. He was exhausting the unfortunate wife with “unbelievable sexual acts”.

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Devil’s children

In the third volume of Scottish History, Bowes narrates the awful experience of a young woman during her childbirth. The girl had made love with an incubus. Her parents, once they heard their daughter’s scream, they entered her room with torches and “after pulling the curtains they saw a terrible monster, instead of a handsome little boy, who was hugging his mother and amazed by the view, they called for help. Everyone who arrived at the rooms, left the scene at once when they came in contact with the baby. Only a priest was left behind, whose faith was so deep that he sat over the monster and recited the gospel of Saint John. It may sound strange, but it was true for the older generation who stated that only the visible world could have children. This belief was due not only to fear, not only to Enoch’s texts who was describing the children of angels with the human race (Nephilim), but also to the wider issue of ignorance for the genetic function! So, the black hearth of the demons could and did leave the dirty semen in the women’s wombs, giving life to the ugliest and strangest creatures. In 1275, the Inquisitor of Toulouse ordered an Angel de la Bart to be burned in fire because her newborn baby had a dragon’s tail and a wolf’s head! According to Valderrama, in Brazil, a woman gave birth to a child whose back was covered like a lizard’s skin.

Fabricating a Rapist

These kinds of stories do not end here. Contemporary people are also affected by invisible guests. In 2004, a woman from Ecuador, while being in her home at Guayaquil, received a visit, at least twice, from a light and transparent figure who made love to her. A similar incident occurred to Anne Nicole Smith, the famous actress, who claims that while lying at her home in Texas, an invisible figure raped her – she even confessed that during the beginning of the act, the feeling was very annoying but after a while, she started to enjoy it… No one seems to be able to avoid the invasion, not even those who refuse to believe in demons and succubi. For these creatures, after all, the lack of faith does not matter, since the presence of love in our minds is always alive, and the acts of temptation dominate our dreams and our unacknowledged fantasies. Sometimes, the unreal images of the mind can be projected and shaped into a material form, they can even shape the figure of a real ghost who will sleep with one of us. In this case, rape may be the manifestation of a repressed hope and the unknown caress may be the realization of the unsatisfied. Who can know the difference, after all, since no will be there and the hand of the rapist… will be invisible!?

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