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Mexico’s Flying Brujas

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Strange creatures that have been filmed to fly over Mexico. Appearances from otherworldly creatures or real with cheese?

In July 2007, the news that a mysterious black humanoid was filmed flying over the mountains of Mexico made it to the global headlines.

There was a video showing several of these flying humanoids that went viral on YouTube. On the video one could clearly see what appear to be a humanoid silhouette dressed in black, wearing a pointy hat, and sitting on something that reminded of a broom.

This was what made many people to think that on the video, the flying creatures were actually witches that were portrayed in the stereotypical way of the Western tradition. Watching and observing closely though, one can see that this object, even though it moves on a straight line it remains unmoving. If it was a human it should have made at least some minor movements for adjustment, with the head, the arms, or the clothing. The dark objects though, were flying serenely, just like hot-air balloons do.

Researching a bit deeper, one cannot only find earlier mentions of this phenomenal, but also statements from eye witnesses.

Dark Flying Humanoids

The story with the strange flying humanoids of Mexico actually starts in March 2000, when the UFO researcher Salvador Guerrero captures with his lens the passing of a small humanoid creature flying through the sky over Colonia Agricola Oriental.

In December of the same year Juan Flores finds and feels another “Hombrecito Volodar”, a small slang humanoid, in the exact same area.

These two incidents quickly garnered the attention of the general public. So as experts on the field of UFOs started doing the research, even more statements from local witnesses reached the mainstream media, all of them accompanied with photos and videos.

In February of 2000, in Cuernavaca of Mexico, the slide of another strange dark humanoid was filmed by Amado Marquez. As one can see that video, the figure is dressed in black, and flies horizontally with its legs spread open and without the aid of a machine, or at least something that resembles a “broomstick”.

In July of 2000, in the same area,Gerardo Walwnzuela captures with his camera the landing of a small dark-looking humanoid behind the heels.

Even more strange is the incident of an AeroCalifornia pilot who sported another dark humanoid creature flying over the city of Mexico during one of his flights. He could not see any machine supporting the creature, even though he observed that it’s back there was a large bump, just like a large backpack or a hump. The name of the pilot has not been published, the incident though has been made public in an article of La Prensa newspaper on 1st of October 2000.

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Strange Encounters

After the passing of 2000 everything became quiet. There was no new incidents for a long time. Could be an experiment, a military operation, or is asked a classic phenomenon of mass hysteria?

Things will become even more strange, when on 14th of February 2004,Ana Luisa Cid publishes her story along with the tape of a bizarre phenomenon that she encountered over the sky of the city of Mexico.

According to her story, and also the video, strains black object was hovering still on the sky. Initially she thought it was a helicopter that was standing still at a distance, because the top part of the object seemed to be pulsating, just like the blades of a helicopter when they are seen from a distance. Suddenly, the strange object was split in half. One part reminded of a human wearing a cloak, or the other was dark with large wings. At some point the two-parter became one again and disappeared from sight.

Many suggest that this could be the flight of a witch on her familiar.

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The Attack of the Witch

The following incident became very popular as it was the front page of many big newspapers and was also the breaking news story of many TV channels in Mexico. On the contrary with the previous stories, this is an incident that would be very difficult for someone to disprove.

It was the night of the 16th of January 2004, when the police officer LeonardoSamaniego was patrolling the streets of the city of Monterrey with his car. Suddenly a humanoid creature fell off a tree. Leonardo told the police:

“It was a woman dressed in black, she fell from the tree, but she did not touch the ground. She just stayed there hovering slightly higher than the ground, until she later on landed softly on the air. She was trying to cover her face with her hands, as she seemed to be annoyed by the light, but I can still distinguish her characteristics. Her eyes were big, black, without any white, and her skin was dark. She was dressed in black, wearing something that looked like a cloak and hood, just like a witch.”

Later on this encounter was turned into a nightmare for Leonardo as the angered “witch” jumped on his car. He then drove on reverse trying to escape the rabid woman, and tried to call reinforcements. Soon though because of his shock and fear he lost his senses.

When the reinforcements arrived they found Leonardo’s car crashed on a wall, with Leonardo passed out inside. At the hospital they found that Leonardo was of good health and he was not under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

Reporters surrounded the police officer in the news quickly spread around the country. Similar statements did not take long to appear. Three more police officers reported that they saw the exact same creature three days later in the city of Santa Catarina, while on a daily bases many more citizens filed reports to the police and the media about the sight of a strange humanoid creature dressed in black.

Magic” or an Unknown Science?

The encounters with the “Witches of Mexico” continued next year too. On 17th of June 2005, Horacio Roquet from Unidad Habitacional Lomas de Platero encountered with his little sister a woman dressed in black hovering over the house. They stated that the creature looked at them angrily and then flew away until it disappeared. On the creature’s hand the witnesses saw something that looked like a small devise meeting red light.

Is it some sort of magic or an unknown science? Nobody really knows! Undoubtedly, all the statements about the flying witches of Mexico remained the case of the hovering creature that terrorised Flatwood in the USA in 1952. It also sounds very similar with the appearances of Mothman in 1966 at Point Pleasant. It is hard to accept though that this is a case of witchcraft and witchery, as real witches do not need pointy hats or fly on broomsticks.

Something really bizarre seems to hover over Mexico. A creature whose origin and goals cannot be understood by the common human logic, not yet.

Image of the creature that terrorised Flatwood in the USA in 1952

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