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Hello everyone!

It has been just over a month that we have been unable to post our regular content. Unfortunately there seems to be a major error with the host of our wordpress site (Hostinger) and their server does not allow us to upload any media for the time being.

It has been weeks going back and forth and contacting support, alas, no results.

We are currently working on our options to moving our website to another host, or move it entirely to another platform as maintaining wordpress takes twice the amount of time that curating the blog takes and we would rather put three times the effort in maintaining quality content than fixing bugs and errors.

No need to worry though, the platform and layout might change slightly but the domain will be the same.

We are also looking to create a chat/contact form and a forum section.

Hopefully in the next few weeks everything will be resolved and we can go back to our normal operations.

Thank you all for your understanding!

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