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Great Coincidences

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Τhe occult history of the USA

The Rosicrucians in Elizabeth’s era in England succeeded to mark their presence in the New Atlantis, that is, the USA. The Englishman’s motives who went to La Merica, the land of the bright star, were not based only on conventional causes, but also on an inner obsession with the calendars and the sacred countries. This ideology was preserved by the colonists for almost two centuries. Shortly before, an elite group of colonists – All Freemasons of the Scottish dogma – began a war of their independence and claimed the country for themselves and the 77-degree longitude of God. It is well known, that the leaders of the American Revolution (Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and many more) were members of the tectonic galleries of the New World. Some of those members, like Dee, Raleigh and Bacon were conceiving the New World as an emerging Atlantis. Particular importance was given to the Freemasonry-Rosicrucian principles of Egalitarianism and Self-determination, which would be nurtured for the good of humanity. They formed a minimalist government whose their goal was to make America the most powerful state in the world. They created a 33-year-old calendar, based on a method that can calculate the tropical year. Some might wonder what this is…

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The Mystery of number 33

The tropical year is the period required for the earth to make a complete orbit in a reference system defined by the intersection of the ecliptic with the equator. The intersection point of the celestial equator with the ecliptic, The Spring Point C moves slowly to the west, due to the transient motion of the earth’s axis. The issue gets more complicated. While it is true that the cycle is based on the life of Crhist, as tradition argues, and could easily be used as the main impetus for secret machinations, Duncan Steele and Simon Cassidy undertsand that the mathematical and not the symbolism is the critical and central part of those theories. Why is the number 33 so important in the masonic cult? What kind of properties does a number have to represent the highest level of initiation into the most ancient secret society? Ιt is interdimensional.

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Interdimensional physics 33

Even the writers of the Old Testament understood that the number 33 was very important and had a tremendous effect on things that surround us. Some commentators of the Bible refer to Jeremiah 33:3 as the “telephone number” of God. The number 33 is also important in the mathematics that covers the quince of Mars and hence the super dimensional physics. The engineer and probability specialist Mary Anne Weaver has shown that one of the basic trigonometric properties of the inscribed tetrahedron, the sine of the angle of 19,471 degrees is 3.333. This information on its own would be also interesting if it were just the mathematical relation of 19.5 and 33. Although there is another even more interesting correlation. A tetrahedron is one of the so-called Five Platonic Solids – in fact Plato borrowed the term from Pythagoras. Each of them are characterized by the fact that they are all “normal” polyhedra. In other words, everything is inscribed in a sphere, a geometry that does not include edges or corners protruding from its surface. Out of all the polyhedra, the simplest and therefore the first among them is the tetrahedron. Each of them is recognized by the mathematicians and it is symbolized with [p,q], where p is the number of each surface and q the number of surfaces encountered at each vertex of the triangle. As a result it is characterized as [3,3] or “33”. Subtracting the comma, one can observe that “19.5” and “33” are perceived in a more coded notion. This make sense because a secret society, with an ancient knowledge of Interdimensional physics at the core of its high mysteries, choose the 33rd degree as the highest symbolic degree of initiation! Most observers would never understand the link. At least not until the point where the Cydonia of Mars became visible…

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The Mystical Geography of Washington DC

The architect of Washington DC was Pierre Charles L’Enfante, a French freemasonry architect who very cleverly codified in the design not only the Rule and the Diabetes but also an inverted pentagram, which is commonly conceived as a satanic symbol. In Freemasonry, the stave is usually found inside the Lodges. In ancient times it was a symbol of Sirius and an integral part of the Egyptian Masonic culture of the goddess Isis. Thus, it became the symbol of the Order of Eastern Star, the female counterpart of the (Formerly) exclusive male fraternity of Freemasonry. All these Egyptian/Masonic symbolism is finally connected to the US capital in another crucial way. It is quite clear at this point that the sacred circle of “33 years” along with the longitude of 77 degree was carefully chosen as a point where the capital of the United States would be placed and founded. It is also obvious that the Masonic Order was fully aware of the mathematical significance of this longitude when they chose to place the Washington District of Columbia on that exact spot.

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NASA’s “coincidences”

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The sky above JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA) at the landing of Surveyor 3 at Oceanus Procellarum on the Moon at the 20th of April 1967 at 12.03 am GMT. This is the same point where 33 months later the Apollo 12 Lunal Module will be landed.

The landing point of Apollo 11 on the moon. The 33rd mission of the US to the moon. 33 minutes after the lunar eclipse on July 20, 1969 at 8.50 pm. Sirius-Isis is at 19.5 degrees angle. Aldrin and Armostrong are doing the “communion ceremony”, which looks ike our own transfiguration ceremony. The astronauts are 33rd degree masons.

Moon landing of Lunar Module which is also known as Apollo 16 on the plateaus of Kartesion on April 20, 1972 at 9.24pm EDT. In the background Sirius is at 33 degrees.

Figure 9. The landing of Mars Pathfinder on Mars. The coordinates are:19.5 north and 33.33 west on July 4, 1997. The earth is at 19.5 degrees.

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