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A Time-Capsule in the Georgia Guidestones?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

After all, is there a time capsule buried under the monument that has become a symbol of the new order of things, which is none other than the Georgian Guidestones?

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The famous Georgian plaques, which are also known as the tombstones of humanity, no longer exist. As you already know since most of you have made an article or video on the subject, an explosion destroyed part of the monument and then, for safety reasons, the rest of the plaques were demolished. For a few days now, the destruction has been done. Some say the attack on the monument was an act of resistance to the new order, others say it was sabotage by the Elite themselves to mislead the world. 
The conclusion will be drawn by those who deal with the matter more warmly since there is a dichotomy about what really happened. 
After the demolition, however, many spoke of a second mystery concerning the Georgia plaques ΄and this is none other than the possibility that there is a time capsule buried at the base of the monument, which also contains the final instructions of the elite's plan against humanity. The Georgian slabs were already demolished. But was there a buried time capsule?

Let's see what the reports are saying and draw your own conclusions about whether or not a time capsule has been found.

Was a time capsule found in the Georgia Guidestones? 

The strange attack and subsequent total demolition of the Georgia slabs finally provided the answer to a years-long mystery: The mysterious question was this: was there a time capsule buried at the base of the monument? It seems that during the demolition the workers managed to dig deep into the base of the monument under the mysterious slab that was there until recently.

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The workers, according to their words, removed another plaque that had been placed there some time after the construction of the monument. This plaque said above that a time capsule is buried below at a depth of a few meters. So out of pure curiosity they dug the spot and reported that they discovered nothing at all. They also noticed that the soil at the site appeared to have been undisturbed for several years after being settled. With this statement they wanted to confirm that there was no way that someone had removed the time capsule in the recent past. 
But there have also been rumors over the past few weeks on social media that the time capsule was found buried in the Georgia Guidestones and contained various dumb and trivial items from the time the slabs were built. Officials in the area, however, refuted any such theory and stated that there was no time capsule buried under the Georgia Guidestones. 
Of course, one could argue that even if they found it, they wouldn't admit it publicly, especially if inside the time capsule were the final instructions for the New Order plan against humanity, as at least the theory that has many supporters states. So it seems that the Georgia Guidestones will concern two unanswered questions for a long time: Who destroyed the monument and why, and secondly, did they tell the truth about the supposed time capsule? What do you think?
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