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The Magick Tools and Weapons of Solomon

Updated: Jan 30

In order to properly carry out the greatest and most important Operations of the Art, various Instruments are necessary, as a Knife with a white hilt, another with a black hilt, a short Lance, wherewith to trace Circles, Characters, and other things.

The Knife with the white hilt (see Figure 17) should be made in the day and hour of Mercury, when Mars is in the Sign of the Ram or of the Scorpion. It should be dipped in the blood of a gosling and in the juice of the pimpernel, the Moon being at her full or increasing in light. Dip therein also the white hilt, upon the which thou shalt have engraved the Characters shown. Afterwards perfume it with the perfumes of the Art.

With this Knife thou mayest perform all the necessary Operations of the Art, except the Circles. But if it seemeth unto thee too troublesome to make a similar Knife, have one made in the same fashion; and thou shalt place it thrice in the fire until it becometh red-hot, and each time thou shalt immerse it in the aforesaid blood and juice, fasten thereunto the white hilt having engraved thereon the aforesaid characters, and upon the hilt thou shalt write with the pen of Art, commencing from the point and going towards the hilt, these Names Agla, On, as shown in Figure 17. Afterwards thou shalt perfume and sprinkle it, and shalt wrap it in a piece of silken cloth.

But as for the Knife with the black hilt (see Figure 18) for making the Circle, wherewith to strike terror and fear into the Spirits, it should be made in the same manner, except that it should be done in the day and hour of Saturn, and dipped in the blood of a black cat and in the juice of hemlock, the Characters and Names shown in Figure 18 being written thereon, from the point towards the hilt. Which being completed, thou shalt wrap it in a black silk cloth.

The Scimitar (Figure 19), and the Sickle (Figure 20, are made in the same way, as also the Dagger (Figure 21), the Poniard (Figure 22), and the short Lance (Figure 23), in the day and hour of Mercury, and they should be dipped in the blood of a magpie and the juice of the herb Mercury. Thou must make for them handles of white boxwood cut at a single stroke from the tree, at the rising of the Sun, with a new knife, or with any other convenient instrument. The characters shown should be traced thereoxn Thou shalt perfume them according to the rules of Art; and wrap them in silk cloth like the others.

The Staff (see Figure 24) should be of elderwood, or cane, or rosewood; and the wand (Figure 25) of hazel or nut tree, in all cases the wood being virgin, that is of one Year s growth only. They should each be cut from the tree at a single stroke, on the day of Mercury, at sunrise. The characters shown should be written or engraved thereon in the day and hour of Mercury.

This article is a book excerpt. Read more about Solomonic Magick in the book “The Greater Key of Solomon: The Complete Books I-III ”, you can find the book in the following link:

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