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Why Spells and Rituals don’t always Work

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

People commonly ask “Why did some spells and rituals work, and others didn’t?”. There are many variables that determine the success rates of magical practices, and the most common are the following:

Moon Phases

Lunar power has a lot to offer in a ritual, if the phases are not the correct ones then there are chances that this ritual might fail. For more information regarding moon phases, please follow this link:

The Tools Used

It is important to select the right tools that represent our goal. If for example one wishes to make a ritual for wealth and instead of a green candle they use a red one, which represents passion, then the balance of the practice will fall off and probably no results will be achieved.

Even though tools have no power on their own, years of cultural conditioning and aspects that affect our psychology such as colours and smells, have an extreme impact in the associations we make. For example the smell of flowers makes us feel happy, sharp objects make us feel empowered, quiet sounds make us feel calm, and so on.


Perhaps the Alpha and the Omega when it comes in determining the success rate of a spell or ritual, is the practitioner’s mood. One must always be in the proper mood for each practice. Having the wrong mood for the purpose, means either complete failure or a completely different outcome than the desired one.

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It is only logical but experience plays a big part when it comes to the success rates. It is almost impossible to get the desired outcome if the practitioner has no knowledge of the craft and simply follows a step-by-step guide to a ritual they just found. One needs to have a deep understanding on what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and how it actually works in order to manifest, and also have experience, and self-development, and practical knowledge of the subject, then and only then one can be sure of their results.


Depending on the magical practice, one must gather the proper energy. Not only the proper type, but also the suitable amount. For example, for bigger and important workings, larger amount of energy need to be gathered and manipulated. At the same time, gathering a lot of it can simply make the spell or ritual “burn out”. It is a very delicate balance between “too little” and “too much”.

For more information about energy in magical workings, please follow the link:


One must have faith both in the craft and in themselves. I’m afraid that spells done solely for the purpose of seeing “if they will work” are doomed to fail. The same goes for spells that are done while the practitioner has a feeling of self-doubt. Faith on what was mentioned above and confidence, are the key to successful results.

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