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Welcome to The Occult Herald

Welcome to our new online independent space for all things Occult!

In the weeks to come we will start uploading our content in a variety of categories. You can expect articles in:



  1. General Knowledge

  2. Literature

  3. Recipes

  4. Religion

  5. Philosophy

  6. Creatures

And so much more!

We aim to follow a regular schedule so you always know that you can read our new content on time!

You can expect new articles every Monday (12pm), Thursday (6pm), and Saturday (12pm)

You can join our Book-Club and get your suggestion for the “Book of the Week” every Wednesday (6pm)

And every Sunday (12pm) you can enjoy a weekly fun space with witchy memes and jokes.

Of course, you are more than welcome to submit your own works and ideas. Simply visit our “MORE” page for details and links.

Once again, welcome to our new journey, we hope that you will enjoy this space as much as we did making it for you, and will keep enjoying it while providing you with daily content!

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