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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Light-shadowed people are those who perceive the invisible world. They can see the spirits of the dead, the Shadowed, as well as many other strange little creatures that live among us. Light-Shadowed people are not just a myth, nor a rare phenomenon. They are often identified as psychics, but in reality, they are very special.

Those with the Light Shadow

The term Light-Shadowed is fairly old and to explain it, one must check “Traditions” (1904) by the folklorist Nikolaos G. Politis. The following excerpt is in the second volume of his book: The word stixeio(element) is pan-Hellenic, with local variations of course… The word, in addition to its main meaning, also refers to the soul, which in the first three nights after leaving the body wanders the earth like a white cloud, if it was virtuous, and black if it was sinful. The use of the synonym “shadow” is also more common and has a broader meaning since it was transfigured as a word from the ancient vocabulary. Therefore, the words element and shadow became synonyms in Greek.

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The Sociological position

The greek tradition names those who have the ability to see the invisible. Why are those people described as light-shadowed?

It is believed that the person who has a weak shadow can live between the visible and the immortal world, where there are no shadows at all! The Light-Shadowed however, except for their paranormal ability they have a social status. Anna Lydaki, a sociology professor at Panteion University in Athens, Greece, writes in her book “Shadows and Light-Shadowed” (2003):

“The Light-Shadowed has earned the right to act differently than others, to not follow the established behaviors, and tolerance does not always show respect…to someone who lives in between the visible and the invisible, but to someone who is guided by their shadow, i.e their soul, according to the meaning that the word had in ancient Greece and Rome.” “A light-shadowed person is the one who can communicate with other beings, they can listen to their inner-self. They can perceive subtle voices, which otherwise if they do not receive a form of reply they can become fierce screams with unpredictable consequences. A light-shadowed is the person who defies the social order and follows their own path. The path is indicated by their own shadow. Their shadow works as a calming factor that does not disturb nor oppress them.” “In many cases, a light-shadowed becomes the scapegoat of the community that insists on uniformity. There are many occasions when people respect them and believe that they know something more than others, they can listen to the silence and see into the invisible.”

As stated above, light-shadowed people are different than psychics. A light-shadowed can see the dead souls. This does not imply that the deal can speak through their body! This detail is small but very important. The light-shadowed are mentally sensitive beings, they perceive what others cannot comprehend. They often can not see specific figures but they perceive a colorful ethereal “fog” that dynamically forms a figure. In other cases, they feel that somebody is close to them. As a general rule, however, they see – literally – all-dimensional being walking among us.

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The psychopathology of the Ligh-Shadowed

How can the light-shadowed see the dead? Firstly, it is important to clarify that they do not see only the spirits of the dead. They also see beings that refer to classical mythology! Does that mean that those figures are only ghosts of the mind? I.e delusions.

It is a fact that the psychology of these people is very often traumatized: they are usually emotionally sensitive introverted people who find shelter in art and their imagination. They often dramatize the situations they are in, their thoughts, and their emotions. They also attach to people and they tend to melancholy and self-destruction. Most of these characteristics can be justified as derivatives of their capacities, not the other way round.

One might wonder if they light-shadowed are schizophrenic. The answer is no! Except for their paranormal experiences (which, are always true if examined carefully) their psychology is not disorganized as in the cases with psychosis!

Seeking the Ψ gene

In 2004, Dr. Dean Hamer had characterized the VMAT2 gene as the gene which is responsible for the mystical experiences in human psychology. His theory causes a revolution. Accordingly, there must be a gene that allows some people to accept different kinds of stimuli from the environment. Scientists like Dr. Bruce Lipton claim that the human consciousness – at least after many generations – to modify our genetic code! This is a process called Regenetic, which has been thoroughly developed by Sol Luckman in his book Consious Healing (2005). According to his theory, a specific characteristic can alter the structure of the DNA and from a subjective element to become a hereditary trait. Light-shadowed people have existed since ancient times. Therefore, it makes sense that at some point genetic programming would have been developed that would allow us to see the dead. What was once a genetic abnormality may be the norm tomorrow!

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