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The Enchanted Harp

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The sky is always enchanted in the Sky Islands in Scotland. However, these blessed lands did not always have music. One day, a young boy was strolling along the coastline without knowing how to express his feelings. Then, something magical happened. The waves brought a strange musical instrument in front of his legs. It was made out of the holy tree of the goddess and its shape reminded him of the moon. The book to the instrument to his house but no matter how much he was trying to play something that can express his feeling, the sound never satisfied him. Soon, he bacame obsessed with the instrument and it was the only thing that run his thoughts. He had to make the harp sink for him. His widow mother was very sad about her son. She then decided to go find the wizard who was living beyond the lake and ask him to either make her son forget about him or to give him the knowledge of playing the music he dreamed of. The wizard smiler and told her that he could make her son forget about the harp only if she had intercourse with the wizard. The wizard also proposed one other thing: he would learn her son how to play the instrument if the mother would sacrifice herself by giving him her soul. The mother knew that her son could forget about the harp with the help of magic but he would truly be happy if he learned how to play the harp. She decided to proceed with the second choice. The wizard wrapped her should and she returned to her son. He found him sitting by the sea waves, the triangular harp was in his hands. The most sweet melodies derived from the chords of the instrument. All the living being had gathered around him so that they can listen to his music. His mother smiled and left the house. She never returned back. When the young boy found out about the forfeit his mother had to pay for his music, he started searching everywhere to find her. After many attempts he returned back home and grabbed his harp. Since then, he never left it again, his melodies were always sad…

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