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The Elements

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

In this article we will talk about the four basic elements as they are separated by nature. Elements of which the energies and the life bringing powers can be found in everything, living or not. It is possible to boost the spells and rituals if one calls upon the power of these elements. We just need to know information such as the corresponding time, day, call or, abilities, and so on. So here’s the list of basic elemental correspondences:

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Basic Qualities: Flight, Transportation, Intelligence, Suspension. Sound is the expression of this element.

Called for: Travel, Education, Freedom, Knowledge, Finding lost objects in people

Also empowers by: Throwing objects in the air, Hanging tools on high places, Mental images, Positive thinking

Type of Energy: Active, Sender

Colour: Yellow

Locations: Mountaintops, Windy valleys, Tall towers, Airports, Schools, Libraries, Offices

Plants: All culinary plans that are used for their aroma, such as basil, all plants that are climbing like Ivy, and plants that have their roots in the air.

Minerals and Stones: Light and/or translucent stones.

Metals: Aluminium and Copper

Natural Symbolisms: Feather and Smoke

Animals: Spiders and all Birds

Season: Spring

Compass: East

Hours: Dawn

Tools: Wand

Musical Instruments: Wind instruments

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Basic Qualities: Purification, Distraction, Cleansing, Activation, Sexuality, Passion, Courage. Heat and hot weather is the expression of this element.

Called for: Protection, Courage, Generosity, Energy, Power, Leadership, Banishing

Also empowers by: Burning, Heating, Boiling

Type of Energy: Active, Sender

Colour: Red

Locations: Desert, Volcanoes, Fireplaces, Bedroom, Jean, Sauna, Stadiums

Plants: Pepper, Cactus, Coffee, all spicy plans, all plants with thorns

Minerals and Stones: Lava, already stones such as Jasper

Metals: Gold, Bronze

Natural Symbolisms: Fire, Lava

Animals: Snake, Lizard, Firefly, Bee, Shark, Scorpion

Season: Summer

Compass: South

Hours: Noon

Tools: Athame, Sword

Musical Instruments: All String instruments

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Basic Qualities: Flow, Purification, Yelling, Serenity, Emotions, Love

Called for: Purification, Cleansing, Love, Psychic abilities, Dreams, Sleep, Peace, Marriage, Friendship

Also empowers by: Placing things in water or cleansing them with water

Type of Energy: Receiver

Colour: Blue

Locations: Lakes, Natural springs, Rivers, Beach, See, Ocean, Bathrooms, Swimming pools, Sauna, Bedroom, Fountains

Plants: Underwater plants such as Seaweed, and delicate plants such as Orchids

Minerals and Stones: Transparent and semitransparent crystals such as Amethyst and Aquamarine

Metals: Silver and Mercury

Natural Symbolisms: She sells, vessels filled with water

Animals: Card, Frog, Title, Dolphin, We’ll, Otters, all fish and marine animals

Season: Autumn

Compass: West

Hours: Dusk

Tools: Charlie’s and Cauldron

Musical Instruments: All metal percussion instruments such as bells

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Basic Qualities: Fertility, Stability, Foundation, Protection. Gravity is the expression of this element

Called for: Wealth, Prosperity, Stability, Business, Fertility, Protection

Also empowers by: Burying, Stone glyphs, drawing symbols on earth

Type of Energy: Receiver

Colour: Green and Brown

Locations: Caves, forest, Meadows, Garden, car parks, Kitchen, Basements, Mines

Plants: Oak and all plants that crawl on the ground

Minerals and Stones: Opaque and dense stones such as Coal and green stones such as Emerald

Metals: Iron and Led

Natural Symbolisms: Sold, Clay, Rocks, Acorns

Animals: Dog, Horse, Worm, And, Cow, all animals that dig and burrow

Season: Winter

Compass: North

Hours: Night

Tools: Pentagram

Musical Instruments: Wooden percussion instruments such as drums

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