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Spirituality VS Religion

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I was confused recently when someone inquired what religion I practised. Being religious is adhering to a set of beliefs. I thought about it all day and couldn’t come up with a single religious theory that I believe in.

My only religious belief is that if it exists, it was made by God, and I believe in it. I believe in God because I see masculine and female dualism in everything in life. Cycles and things that work and act together are what I perceive. I believe that if life had not been created by a superior intellect, the world would be chaos. Mutated and unable to collaborate.

It doesn’t imply I’m not spiritual just because I’m not affiliated with a religion. I’m always looking within and don’t rely on other people’s answers, views, opinions, or solutions. I look for what is best for myself.

To me, what does spirituality entail? The senses use higher mental and spiritual abilities to deliver a more direct view of the universal knowledge base of illuminations, intuitions, and revelations as the mind advances away from the connections and confusion of everyday life (towards the stillness within). We approach a state of pure rational thinking where integrated knowledge and wisdom are abundant by delving further into this stillness of our awareness (away from our sentiments, emotions, judgments, and biases).

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We discover that holding a dogma isolates us not just from one another, but also from God and ourselves. It restricts our freedom and enslaves us to dogma. Because of tunnel vision, we become stuck inside these boundaries. Because God’s truth is too great for us to comprehend (grasp) all at once and must be acquired line by line and precept by precept, we begin to die spiritually by blocking out other truths.

How could someone believe they know and possess all of God’s truth? In reality, religious ideology tells ourselves and others that we don’t have anything more to learn or accomplish. We then begin to label anyone who do not subscribe to our specific belief system as anti-God. When we can let go of our ego and separateness, we may find deeper truths. Silence within allows us to gain wisdom, clarity of thought, insight, and, finally, the complete truth we seek. When we sit in quiet, we become aware of how we are one with all of cosmic consciousness.

Simple Spiritual Truths And Suggestions: – Everyone has a purpose in life. – Humans are spiritual beings by nature. – Comparing yourself to others accomplishes nothing. – There is no such thing as a human being who lacks intelligence, insight, or knowledge. – Each person is the sum of their experiences, and each consequence is the sum of its causes. – The human species’ value is determined by its complimentary interaction with all other forms of life. – Much of what people think in religion is founded on human notions that promote self-interested objectives. – Those who are enlightened and those who are focused on shallow, material goals are always at odds.

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Knowledge of the Light (ultimate global intellect) is required for existence to have significance. – When it comes to what matters to your mind, you are the final decision maker. – Once you’ve had a personal encounter with truth, you’ll never be the same. – Human beings cannot live without having an impact on people they come into contact with. – Belief and faith aren’t the only things that lead to realization and transformation. – When you’re on the correct track, there are always signs pointing you in the right direction. – You are solely accountable for your actions. – Without Light, life is pointless. – Spirituality isn’t the same as religion. – Life is an ego-free reflection of oneself. – A human being’s divine nature must be discovered inside himself.

– Take just what is sensible and reasonable from society. – Spiritual growth and tranquility can only be found within one’s own self. – Rather than lingering in the thoughts of others, genius is produced by efforts of creative thinking, attempting to form fresh viewpoints or facts.

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