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Runecaster’s Handbook

Book of the Week # 22

Every Wednesday is BOOK-CLUB day! A day where we share with you our favourite book recommendation for the week!

This Book of the Week is:

Runecaster’s Handbook

-By Edred Thorsson

The word rune means “mystery” and casting the runes enables the runecaster to penetrate the mystery of the relationship between the gods and humans and between internal and external environments. Strongly loyal to the ancient traditions, Thorsson traces the evolution of runecasting showing its historical, spiritual and cosmological significance. He shows: · How to make your own runes. · How to load the rune with numinous power. · How to prepare the optimum setting for rune reading. · How to prepare yourself psychologically and spiritually for casting the runes. The book includes general rune meanings, divinatory tables, the positive and negative aspects of each rune, its linguistic component and phonetic value, runic layouts and sample readings.

Get the Book Here:

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