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Q&A Part 2

Updated: Jun 22

This is the section where Authors and blog partners try to give answers to your questions. If you have any questions that you would like to ask, please contact us or leave your question in the comments.


I have grown up in a Christian environment, I would like to know what consequences practising witchcraft will have on me.


The fact that you grew up in a Christian environment does not pose any problems. Magic is above religions and it is not bound by other people’s philosophical beliefs. As long as you follow the ethical code of your own tradition in your magical practice, then you create no conflict between the two. If for example your devout Christian, you can incorporate all of the Christian beliefs, attitudes, models, ethics into your practice and just merge them together while you respect both parts equally.


What is the appropriate age for someone to be initiated in the magical practices? When is someone ready? Can someone be initiated without a mental?


Age plays no part when it comes to magical practices. One is only initiated when the fuel ready, some people are ready from a young age while others could be much much older and still not be ready for it.

Traditionally, an apprentice is ready for their initiation one year and one day after the beginning of the training. It is just tradition though and it is something very relevant to the person. Some people learn faster than others while others need more time. There are apprentices who are ready for an initiation within a few months while others can take years before they become initiated.

Of course, someone doesn’t need to be someone’s apprentice or have a mental in order to be initiated, as there are self initiation rituals for those who follow a solitary path, or even instances when someone does not even need to be initiated at all if they do not wish to follow a traditional path.

Remember, the initiation is something between the practitioner and the higher powers, a mental can only indicate when an apprentice is ready for it. When you are autonomous, everything depends on whether you feel ready or not, and if you feel the need to be initiated or not.

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Can every single person get all of the abilities or powers that come with magical knowledge? What about those were born with some telepathic or other psychic abilities or with another sort of ability?


Of course, almost everyone is able to achieve some sort of ability, others can only achieve one while others might dip their fingers in all of them, but chances are that they are not able to get equal results in every single one of them all. In some might find it difficult to even achieve the mastery of one of them. Patience, practice, and perseverance are essential.

To put it plainly and shortly, you perhaps, might obtain telepathic abilities (or even have them by birth) easily, but you might find it hard to manipulate energies. Someone else might find it easy to communicate with the astral plane, and at the same time find it very hard to practice telepathy. These examples are of course hypothetical. It is just like when you are in school; you might be very good at maths while find it hard to focus on literature, will someone else can be great in writing but find it very hard to memorise historical facts.

Some people are just luckier, and they have an innate ability since birth and this is what gives them a head-start in comparison to others. You should seek this way; everyone is able to learn how to paint to an extent, but not everyone can become the next Picasso.

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