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Q&A Part 1

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

This is the section where Authors and blog partners try to give answers to your questions. If you have any questions that you would like to ask, please contact us or leave your question in the comments.


I have read articles on many websites about magic, in all of them there is always a “warning”. Why is that? Is the Craft dangerous?


just like in science and knowledge in general, magic can too become dangerous. It is like fire that can warm you up on a cold night but can also burn you if you’re not careful, or like water that is necessary for life but can also drown someone. Just the duality of everything in existence! Nothing is absolutely good or absolutely bad, absolutely safe or absolutely dangerous, it is the way of handling it in the circumstances that determine the outcome. So yes, it is good to have a warning, as neglect, and irresponsible use, can turn magic into something exceptionally dangerous.


I am a polytheist but I do not know if it’s right. I believe in the Christian God, I believe that Satan exists, but at the same time I also believe in the 12 Olympian gods. I do follow the teachings of the Christian church, but the same time I do believe in the existence of otherworldly creatures, and I do try my best to practice the craft. I don’t know where I fit in its painful not to be able to find my own identity. I cannot put myself in a single category, what am I?


First of all, what do you want to put a “label” on yourself and squeeze into a category? Your human, a different human with questions, personal troubles, your own thoughts, just like every other person. What is the reason that makes you want to place yourself in one of those “piles” that are created by modern society? Organised religion is nothing more than names that we have assigned to different religious philosophies. All of them are based on the teachings of some old sages of humanity, and no one can be absolutely sure as to what is the universal truth, who is God or even if there is one, what we should or shouldn’t believe, and this is why we just have assumptions. Religion, just like philosophy, something that cannot be proven, and this is why one can be deemed right and at the same time wrong to the eyes of someone else. Larger religions tend to answer with simple wards the biggest questions of humanity, this doesn’t mean that we all feel satisfied with his answers and that we should not search any further.

If I understood correctly, you are a person that finds truth in all religious philosophies and you make up your own truth. This is not wrong, and you are not wrong! It is not needed for you to accept a single religion. What is important is that your own philosophy, the one that you’ve created, makes you feel complete without the need of following someone else’s guidelines. The answer you’re looking for cannot be found in books, temples, teachers, or others. You live your truth, you’re not taught about it. Follow what your soul accepts something is right and leave “labels” aside.

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If I learn about the craft by myself, and have no one to oversee me, how do I know that the practising correctly without having anyone correcting my mistakes?


When you are self-taught, it is your responsibility to correct your mistakes. Never do something for which you don’t possess adequate knowledge, it never proceeded to practice without knowing as much theory about it as possible. First you will become a “master” of its theory, and then it will proceed to practice. If you have any questions or if you’re not sure about something, and you can always research it in books, websites, blogs, magazines, or any other source of information, or you can even ask someone that you feel they can help you. You should never proceed to practice if you’re not sure about the theory.

If something you do fails, then you should find out the reason why. Try to take notes during your practice, experiment with different variables, and just be patient. It takes a lot of trial and error it is much harder to be self-taught, but it is worth it.

This all might sound is quite tough, but due to the hardships that are self-taught practitioner has to go through, sometimes they can become much better and wiser compared to someone who had a mentor, as they had to discover the Craft by themselves and not receive ready to consume knowledge.

Don’t be afraid to fail or make mistakes, since this will be the greatest of lessons that you can ever take.

And most of all, be responsible.

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