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ORBS: The Truth About What they Really are!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

What happens with the luminous spheres-ghosts?

It is not uncommon for ordinary people to see and photograph blurry light balls of various shapes during their daily lives. Many researchers believe that these entities are orbs, which in other words are defined as dead people’s spirits! A research on the location’s history might reveal their identity. There are millions of orbs which have been photographed around the world. Therefore, researchers have come to a conclusion that a light ball=orb=spirit. Hence, one might argue: “Where did this theory come from?”

Orbs: Form & Other Properties

What is an orb? Orbs, are small luminous balls which become visible in various photographs and videos. The term, derives from the Latin orbis, which is translated to a circle or a sphere/disk. The term has prevailed around the world except for a few countries. For example, Spain has its own terminology and refers to orbs as canoplas. It should be emphasized that orbs are visible through the use of an infrared screen or a photographic lens. Thus, they cannot be identified through the naked eye. Up to this point, researchers have come to some general conclusions: Orbs are are usually suspended, following an irregular route (most of the times they move from bottom to top), they are moving at a high speed leaving some weak traces behind, they vary in brightness and transparency and their shape can take a rounded, egg-shaped, diamond or an undetermined form.

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Paranormal Interpretations

The most basic theory is that orbs represent the “presence of a spirit”. People, in an attempt to photograph a ghost, which was clearly visible to the naked eye, managed to capture just an orb. Why does this happen though? Ghost-hunters believe that humans perceive the spirit presences according to their subjective perception and sensitivity. Each human, according to their cognitive and cultural background, reacts to the same stimuli in a completely different way. Another paranormal interpretation of the phenomenon concluded that orbs form unique entities of life, which has not yet been observed by conventional science and which is fed by the energy which surrounds humans and other living organisms. A third theory states that orbs constitute non-intelligent masses of energy that reside into spirits and turns them visible. If there is a large number of orbs within a certain space, then spirits can acquire them in order to take form. There are a lot more theories about the paranormal interpretation of the orbs. Many people believe that orbs are linked to nature and trees (i.e elves) while others believe that they are used by alien civilizations to monitor the activities of the human life!

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Conspiracy Theories?

There are multiple theories about the nature of orbs. Where did all the above interpretations were based on? Several academic articles from the Mental Health Research UK were studied during this research. Also, multiple independent research labs were contacted but there was no logical explanation for the theories. In a few words, the widespread belief, which states that orbs are spirits, is just a conspiracy theory. Nowadays, more and more researchers use similar photos to prove the existence of spirits in certain locations. None of them seeks the elements to explain the link between the phenomenon and the sphere of paranormal!

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A simple & basic photographic phenomenon?

There will be an attempt to seek evidence to justify this connection. The initiative trigger of this research will be taken from the field of parapsychology, which is perhaps the only accepted scientific field for the study of paranormal phenomena. It is mandatory to define the term “parapsychology”, which is the study of real or hypothetical phenomena based on the current, universally accepted scientific theories. In a few words, to move on to the formulation of the paranormal concepts, there should be firstly an examination of the interpretation given from other scientific fields and accept that their explanations are not sufficient. According to a conventional scientific approach, orbs can be formed due to various natural occurrences. Thus:

1) Solid nature’s orbs: orbs that are formed due to dry dust particles, pollen, insects, and other aspects that are suspended within the atmosphere.

2) Liquid nature’s orbs: orbs that are formed due to wet drops, usually water. For example, drops of rain, located on the level of a photographic/cinematographic lens during a shot.

3) Other orbs: orbs, which are formed due to a “foreign” material that is either located on the external or internal surface of the photographic lens or the interior part of the photographic camera (dirt, stains, dust, moisture, etc.).

How do orbs form? Orbs, which appear in various videos or photographs are consisted of molecules (dust, raindrops, etc.), which are located within the field view of the photographic lens, very close to its surface and away from the focus area.

At this point, it is important to briefly mention the basic terminology of photography by referencing the technical images.

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The Field of view is defined as the field that can be captured by the photographic lens. Τhe focus area, on the other hand, is the field in which the photographic lens can focus on the visible objects. The field of view differs according to the kind and the quality of each camera. It is impossible to focus on an object, which is located far away from the photographic lens. When zooming in, the objects which are located far away from the lens cannot have the same quality as the ones which are located close to it. In spite of that, it is easier now to technically explain the nature of the orbs, which are not visible to the naked eye and thus form very tiny entities. The orbs which are located outside the focus area, appear as blurry stains with a blurry outline in the final image. This is the reason why they are presented as zoomed-in shapes. These shapes are only visible in photographs or videos and cannot be perceived by the naked eye, as they are very tiny is size. Therefore, the camera will capture an orb, if it appears as an object close to the lens, within the field of view and outside the focus area.

The Zone of the Orbs

One may find a series of limitations when referred to the distance between an orb and the camera lens. There is an orb zone which is defined as an area in which the orb is visible and can be captured. The zone needs to have the following rules:

1) To be located very close to the photographic lens.

2) To be within the camera’s field view.

3) To be outside the focus area.

4) To be within the limits of the flash, whose intensity will lead to the optical phenomena.

It is important to highlight that the limits of the orb zone occurred after a series of experiments from the PSI and David Wood, with the financial support of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena.

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Basic Characteristics of a Natural Orb

It is true, that any other objects cannot be captured by the photographic lens if an orb is located very close to the camera. The photographic lens will be able just ta capture other orbs, which might be in the background. Furthermore, it needs to be mentioned, that orbs which are captured under the sunlight and without the use of the flash by the photographic camera, may appear in various colors. When the flash light is being used the orbs appear in various tones of white.

To summarize the above, a paranormal orb must have the following properties and meet the following rules during a photoshoot to be perceived as paranormal:

1) It needs to be captured by the photographic lens without the use of flash.

2) The shape of the orb must be undetermined and anomalous.

3) The orb must have a rounded shape with no concentric circles in its internal part.

4) The orb is colored but it was not photographed under sunlight.

5) If there are a lot of orbs in a photograph, then this might be the result of a large amount of dust.

6) If part of an orb is covered by another object in the photograph.

7) If an orb appears as three-dimensional or if it has been photographed from various angles.

In order to study an orb, it is essential to have a high-quality photographic camera. It is impossible to determine an orb’s nature if the quality of the image is low or if the camera has a dirty lens or a cleanness interior.

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Why are orbs increasing?

There was little information about the existence of orbs during the past. Nowadays, millions of people around the globe are observing a lot of orbs in their photographs! Why does this happen? The answer is simple. On one side, the use of digital cameras is widely spread around the globe, which allows to photograph and document plenty of things. On the other hand, the ever-increasing reduction of distance between the flash and the photographic lens, increases the change of capturing more orbs by reflecting other objects located in a close distance!

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